Cold Fire

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[Just so you know, you'll be looking through everyone else's eyes. If I put [ Zania's POV, that means you're in her feet.]

Heads up: Zania Faytum, Faddists and the realm Faytum are not actually part of the Norse mythology. I made them up.

{ There are legends of the Faddist. They live in their own realm, called Faytum. Faytum was not too far from Jotumheim, whom doesn't exist no longer. Faddist are mighty warriors, living in flames and fire that swimmed around them. But that wasn't evil. It was the natural state of that planet. It was almost similiar to Asgard, which is also another realm. The only difference was the legends. A King and Queen ruled Faytum. God and Goddess. They also had a child. A girl. She would grow up to be the next ruler of Faytum, as the Goddess of Fire. Her name was Zania. But there was Leviathans, who were tall creatures and faces that would shift into new animal faces. So they had no particular face. They took over Faytum, killing every single Faddist there was. Even the King and Queen couldnt stop them. The Queen tried to protect the one thing that might save Faytum: Her daughter.}

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