Hey, thanks for checking out my story.

Also, I write down things as they pop into my head, so there will be mistakes and grammatical errors. Haha.

This story, I must admit, changes quite drastically from the beginning. I started it off as humor, then thought of a better plotline, so in later chaps it turns into more action adventure with guns, bad guys/gals and secrets. (What's not to like?) Just thought I would let you know, to advise you that if you are looking for a simple romance, this is not quite it. There is romance, of course (I am a hopeless romantic), but it isn't just a romance novel as such.




There are some things in life that you just expect. You expect to have your first kiss and feel your heart stammer like a hummingbird's flapping wings, just like you expect to get soaked in the pouring rain with no coat. You may expect to have that friend who you thought you could trust, but lets you down in a way that you could never forgive. And then there are things that you would never imagine in you wildest imagination -- like being held at gun point with the lives of nearly two hundred people in your hands.

If I think back to the innocent and naïve girl that I was just over a year ago, I would never believe that such things would happen, I don't even recognise myself. However, you have got to start somewhere...


There was a startling flash of cameras before that annoying smile popped onto the screen and I had to seriously resist the urge to punch something. Picking up the remote I grumbled to my father about the station being boring before shortly bringing up the TV guide.

"Patience! I was watching that. Kasper was on TV. Don't you want to watch his speech?" Dad demanded with anoyance, quickly taking the remote from my hands.

"No," I whined, attempting to snatch the remote back with a firm wholesome grip.

"Why not? You know how proud we all are of him. I reckon that he takes after his father in charisma and looks. Always so charming and polite, you could even learn a few things from him... That boy will go far I can tell you."

I snorted. Kasper was the most conceited person I knew. Just looking at him made me feel angry and sick. Why does everyone else on this God-forsaken planet think that he was a God? I mean, just because he had a gorgeous body and a pair of baby blues didn't mean he was anything special. That boy was like the re-incarnation of the devil in a pair of slack jeans and sunglasses.

"What?" he shrugged, giving me a shrewed look, his shoulders arched towards me as he took in my dire expression.

"Whatever you say Dad," I replied, my hands brushing at my hips as I narrowed my eyes slits.

"You're strange Patience, sometimes I worry about you," Dad mumbled, shaking his head erratically.

"I'm not strange... I'm just mentally retarded," I retorted,jumping up and heading over to the kitchen to find a bowl and some popcorn.For some reason all I fancied was the salty taste of the corn on my tongue. Missing the speech was just a bonus.

"Don't be too long Patience, you don't want to miss this!" Dad yelled after me, his chuckle wafting after me like some bad show tune.

Did I want to watch Kasper smirk and smile like a sleezy politician? Like hell I didn't!

Reaching over to the old and slightly rusty microwave I punched in two minutes then pressed the word start. A loud ding signifying that the time had started.

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