Wanting Something You Can't Have



How awesome does it sound to say you met the love of your life, backstage at a concert for one of the most famous bands in the world?

How awesome does it sound to say that your bestfriends with a member of one of the most famous bands in the world?

But how Not-so-awesome does it sound to be in-love with your best friends little sister?

His sister, that he is so protective over?

How would you feel, knowing that your never gonna get to show your true feelings?

This story is about a fight for love, keeping a friendship, and trying to figure out your life.



Ciara Quinn Bravo as - Katherine Claire Knight

Christian Beadles as - Ryan Ashton Christie

James David Maslow as - James Diamond.

Kendall Francis Schmidt as - Kendall Knight.

Carlos Roberto Pena Jr.  as - Carlos Garcia.

Logan Phillip Henderson as - Logan Mitchell.

Stephen Kramer Glickman as - Gustavo Rocque.

Tanya Chisholm as - Kelly Walnwright.

Erin Zariah Sanders as - Camille Roberts.

Katelyn Marie Tarver as - Jo Taylor.

Stephen Keys as - Freight Train.

Challen Cates as - Jennifer Knight (Mama Knight).

Barnett O'Hara as - Guitar Dude.