Chapter 1: He Transferred

My heart was beating faster than an airplane. At any moment, my heart was going to fly out of my chest and leave me. I would leave myself too if I could, but unfortunately I became the unlucky girl that got stuck in my own body. I was sweating in places that I didn't know could sweat, and my stomach wouldn't stop making a gurgling sound.

I stared in front of me at the soccer field. A group of guys in red and blue sprinted from goal to goal on the field. I wanted to throw up just watching them run. The girl's team ran three miles today then continued with suicides, but the guys had it much worse. Previously, the guy's team hadn't been the best, so now the coach was determined to make a championship team. More or less, it was high school all over again. I was the hated freshman on a team of dedicated winners. Honestly, I had to rethink the whole soccer thing.

"Ella!" Hilary ran past me with a water bottle in hand. My head whipped towards her and I smiled at the friendly face. Her hair was dyed a blood red and was pulled into a loose bun. Tiny hairs framed her face. Her green eyes smiled along with her lips. "Great job today, are you coming tomorrow too?" It was odd, but the girls on the college team were a lot nicer than the girls from high school. I guess if anything was different from high school I'm glad it was that.

"I'm not sure yet," I confessed and pointed at the university field. "This is a lot to take in, and to be honest and I don't have much confidence for all this." I was in college and still had a fear of rejection.

Hilary raised her eyebrow. She was still breathing heavily from the practice. Hilary Gringeye was captain of the team. She was a senior, and with her leadership skills and soccer skills she was were perfect. Not at all was she like Taylor from my high school team.

"On the field, I can't even tell you're insecure." Hilary pointed at the field. "I better see your ass on the field tomorrow morning." I laughed and shook my head. Trying out for the soccer team wasn't just one step forward; it was more like I jumped of a bridge to make the decision. "Hey, if you're really not sure, why don't you come to a party I'm having tonight. It's going to be all the soccer girls." She smiled. "It'll be fun, and you'll see how awesome of a team we are."

"Thanks. " I nodded. She said goodbye and I waved to her as she ran to the locker rooms.

My eyes turned themselves back to the field. Immediately, I noticed Aspen running the hardest. He was up in front with three other guys running back from the far goal. Even from far away I could see their sweat dripping off them. Being from Florida, I was used to this weather. Of course, I was sweating too, but this heat was bearable. In August, back in Florida, it was a suffocating kind of heat. Here, it wasn't as bad, trust me.

"Ella!" I spun around to the locker room and saw my roommate, Vanessa, waving at me. She held her field hockey stick in her right hand and her red bag hung over her shoulders. "Come on! The showers are going to get crowed soon!"

I nodded and clicked my heels before running down the hill to meet her.

"How was practice? Were you the star of the team?" Vanessa laughed when I greeted her at the bottom.

"Please, I was more like the minnow, and they were the sharks," I explained and brush a lock of hair off my forehead. Sweat trickled down my hand.

"The girls are so not sharks." Vanessa narrowed her eyes. "I met them all and they seem perfectly nice!" We began walking towards the brick building to head into the locker rooms. The grass was freshly cut and as I walked the tiny pieces clung to my blue cleats. The smell of sweat and dirt filled my nose. Off in the distance, I could here the coach of the boy's soccer team yelling for the players to give him 20. My body cringed and my heart went out for every player on the team, especially the freshman, because I knew what it was like to be fresh bait.

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