Welcome Home Ana....Part 3 

Ana Pov

I watched Kim walk away feeling slightly satisfied with me.

"New girl! Laps the remainder of class!" The gym teacher yelled at me pointing to the track outside. If that's my punishment for pelting girls with balls I'll take it.

I casually begin walking out the gym and then exited the side doors to the bright sun. Guess it's a good thing the whole burning vampire sunlight thing is a myth. If it were true I'd be long gone.

Outside the boys are in center field playing football. The track circles the field so at least I'll get entertainment watching them. I start slow running while I search the field for Simon. He's easy to spot being how skinny he is.

The guys are chasing after some boy with the ball. Simon of course is lagging behind. Out of nowhere a jock tackles Simon hard to the ground.

What the hell! He didn't even have the ball. Me being me of course I cut off the track and dart to the playing field. The jerk is laughing as he gets up off Simon, until I push him back down

"What the hell is your problem?! He didn't have the ball!" I yelled hovering over him. The guy pulls his helmet off. Blonde hair and green eyes stare at me shocked before turning into smirk. It's Bobby Kennedy. He was one of the jocks responsible for the prank pulled on me. If my memory serves me correctly he put the pig ears on my head

"Whoa babe chill, it's just a game" Bobby says getting up dusting himself off. Now all the boys are huddled around us

"Why do you care anyway? Is nerd boy your boyfriend?" He asks laughing as if that lame joke was funny. I don't have time for this. I swing my right fist out and punch him in the face. Stupid Bobby goes down fast. The other players all laugh and “oh” at him.

Suddenly the football coach that didn't give a crap earlier when Simon was getting treated like dirt came rushing to the center.

"What do you think you’re doing?!" The mid forties man snapped. I shrugged

"Teaching him some manners" I say back looking at Bobby holding his lip. The idiot was looking at me in awe

"I've never had a girl hit me before" he said still giving me a weird look. Ugh I don't have time for this.

I turn around searching for Simon. I spot him walking away back toward the gym. Sprinting at human speed I catch up with him right before he enters

"Hey wait up" I say grabbing his arm. Simon rips his arm away from me. The look in his eyes has me taking a step back. Simon is mad

"What's wrong with you?! I don't need you protecting me! I don't even know you! Geez just stay the hell away from me!" Simon angrily strides away. I'm left there standing in shock and hurt.

I didn't mean to come off so strong but he's my best friend how could I not want to protect him. Okay so he doesn't know who I am. Maybe telling him would make this whole thing easier. Knowing Simon a freak out is highly likely.

The bell rings ending the hour session. In my next class I'll try to give Simon a little more distant. If I keep this up I'm sure he'll start to get scared of me if he isn't already.

 Just before I enter the building out the corner of my eye I see Simon’s dark curls dashing through the parking lot. Is he skipping class? No way! Not perfect attendance Simon. But sure enough there he is sneaking into his old beat up car. I cross my arms and laugh when he starts it. The car rumbles to life so loudly it scares him and he ducks. Very smooth Simon.

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