Harry: He gotten used to your little hands flying towards his chest when you were angry at him or hitting him by just taking your anger out on something. Your small so Harry's large fits holds your hands down by your side and he cups your face gets down on his knees and say's "Calm" over and over agin untill your tiny little self is calmed down and hugging him.

Louis: Lou and you were as usually playing around then Lou droped you on the floor play fighting you and then all you knew was Lou's shoulder got the punch of a life time from you. "Oww Nice punch, but dang" He said gripping his shoulder. "Omg I'm so sorry Lou" You said scared. "Its okay Y/N.

Niall: You were always playing tickle fights with Niall, but at the end of it Niall always had red marks on his arms and chest. You were quite a puncher while he tickles you, but Niall kept going because he liked when you did it for some reason knowing that he did a good job tickling you. :-]

Liam: You hate how Liam laughs at you for doing embarrassing stuff all you did was puch Liam in his arm quick then walked off angry. He chased after you and made you face him and he hugged you while you leaned against the car then came along a kiss.

Zayn: You were not an early bird at all you slept like it was no tomorrow when you felt someone shake you and telling you too "Get up" you knew who voice that was and  you ignored Zayn and turned the other way and went back too sleep you heard him walk around the bed and face you still telling you to wake up all you did was smudge his face with your hand and slapped his leg and told him too "Leave me alone." After that Zayn hide from you waiting for you to wake your own self up.

:-) Hope you like it

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