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I heard footsteps coming towards me. The wardrobe door swung open, as I looked up through the bars of my cage. A hand opened the cage door and grabbed me by the throat, pulling me out. The hand smashed my head onto the wooden floor. I heard him laugh. I started to look up, a leather belt whipped me in the face, causing a deafening crack to echo around the room.

I did not cry, I had been treated worse by previous masters. One chained me up outside in a thunderstorm and watched from inside his house, laughing, as I was struck by lightning. He was amazed I had survived, so was I, however I would rather be dead than have to suffer more.

Something was dripping down from my face, the deep red drops landed on the floor. The belt came down onto my face again and again. Until I was lying on the wooden floor, bleeding out.

"Now pest, I am going to go shopping to buy a collar. Once I come back and put around your neck, I will truly be your master and you will be my slave." Laughter once again erupted from his throat as he walked away.

Once I heard the front door click shut, I used every muscle in me to sit up. I looked around, my vision still blurred and my head pounding. I glanced up at the window. All I had to do was stand up, open it, jump through and run away. I looked down at myself, my clothing was ripped and covered in rusty red liquid. My nose, luckily, had stopped bleeding.

I shuffled back towards the wardrobe and gathered some trousers, a shirt, a hoodie and socks and shoes. I stripped off my current clothes and replaced them with the ones I had collected. By this time my vision had cleared and the headache had subsided slightly.

Holding onto the bed, I pulled myself up to a standing position. Becoming slightly dizzy, I made my way over to the window. It wouldn't be long until he came back, I had to be quick. I smiled as I swung open the window and the fresh air wafted into my face.

I looked down through the window, I was on the ground floor. It was a miracle. I used almost every last ounce of energy to pull myself through the window. I laughed when my feet touched the ground, I was almost free. I put my hood up to hide my ears and began to walk away, not trusting myself to run in case I collapsed from dizziness.

Every now and then I would stop due to my head pounding, however I was making good progress. The sky was beginning to darken, as the night came upon me. It was growing colder and I was becoming tired. I had been walking for a few hours and felt much safer now I was a good distance away from the house.

I walked into an alley way, laid down behind a couple of bins and made a makeshift bed from the newspaper on the floor. I was soon asleep.

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