1. The House

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Chapter 1, The House

After two days of pure Hell, showering at truck stops and eating cheap take-out food, we had finally arrived at the new house. The house was beautifully built: it was a two story house, painted in a greenish color.

"C'mon Katie, let's take a look inside." My mom walked to the front door and unlocked it. The hallway was already looking pretty nice and I was so excited to discover the rest of the house. It wasn't the most modern house, but I liked it.
After discovering the whole house, I helped my mom unpacking. The two of us weren't the biggest or strongest people in the world, but with some effort, we managed to get one truck fully unloaded. 

I was currently trying to drag my matrass up the stairs and after what felt like hours, I finally got it in my room. "Finally." I sighed, flopping down on it. My phone started buzzing and without looking at the caller ID, I pressed answer.

"Hey, Katie talking." I already knew who it was.

"Hey Katie." Marcus voice sounded through the phone and I felt a small smile playing on my lips.

"Whatsup?" Marcus was an old friend of mine, I had basically known him my whole life, since kindergarten. We became friends because we hated the same kid, she was always bullying everyone and one day he got sick of her shit and pushed her. I immediately befriended him after that. Since then, we never left each other's side. Everyone always thought that Marcus and I were a couple, but I ensured them that-that wasn't possible. Marcus is the gayest kid you'll ever meet.

"So, you're now gone, for what? 2 days? And I already miss you." I could hear him pouting through the phone.

"Awh Marcky, I miss you too. how is it going there without me?" 

"It's so boring here! I'm like a nobody again. Normally, I was a nobody with you by my side, but now I'm all alone." He was basically screaming the words but I could hear that he was just joking.

"You're not a nobody and besides that, you have Christian! don't go telling me that you're all alone." Christian was a really nice guy, very handsome too. He was two years older than Marcus and I and Marcus had met him in a local bar. The two immediately got on together and they are now almost together. 

"Yeah about Christian... WE'RE TOGETHER." I heard some strange noises and a loud bang following soon after. "I fell out of bed." A giggle escaped from my mouth and I covered it with my hand.

"I'm so happy for you, Marcky. You deserve all the love in the world." I meant it, Marcus was the nicest person you would ever meet. He was generous, always thinking about others and funny. He was seriously the best friend I could ever wish for.

"Haven't you met any handsome boys yet?" 

I rolled my eyes before saying: "Marcus, I've been here for only a few hours! I haven't even been outside yet."

"You should go explore then! Meet those beautiful pieces of meat and maybe even send some of them to me via the mail or something!" 

"I will, Marcus. I'll take pictures and send them to you to keep your horny side in control. But sadly, I have to hang up now, I should probably get back to my mom and help put everything in place. Talk to you later. Bye."

"Bye Katie. Tell Anika I said hi."


Marcus says hi." My mum started smiling whilst unloading all the dishes. It was still weird, living in a new house, living in a new city was just weird to be honest. I should probably go discover the neighbourhood when I get the chance, I thought, see if there's anything fun to do around here.

"You go unpack all your stuff, make your room a little bit more comfy. I got this."

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