iHate The Truth

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The zombies kept getting closer and closer, anxious to taste the meat of five humans.

Sam and Carly continued to cry. Freddie and Spencer were backed up right in front of them not that it made any difference. The zombies and man would get to them soon enough.

The Gibby zombie stepped in front of the other zombies, moaning loudly.

Freddie reached back and grabbed Sam's hand and squeezed it hard. Was this really the end?

Suddenly the Gibby zombie stopped. He stared at the four of them and then out of nowhere the zombie started moaning in a totally different way. Or was that…. Was the Gibby zombie laughing?

Then all the zombies were doing it. The man in the mask seemed to even be laughing.

"What's going on?" Carly asked through her tears.

Suddenly the Gibby zombie grabbed Freddie and leaned in to what looked like to bite his face but instead…

"Gotcha!" He yelled, bursting into laughter again.

The other zombies were laughing again too.

"I can't believe it worked! It really worked!" Gibby laughed in triumphant.

"What?" Freddie asked.

Gibby pretended to moan again. "Oooo I'm a big bad zombie!" He mocked.

"Gibby you jerk! You big bad jerk! Your horrible! HORRIBLE" Sam shouted making her way past Carly, Freddie, and Spencer.

"Hey whoa! Sam you're the one who wanted it to be scary…" Gibby pointed out.

"Wait so all of that was fake?" Carly asked coming to the front too.

"You little Dweeb! You stupid little Dweeb!" Spencer was shouting.

"I hate you!" Sam screamed throwing a punch at Gibby. Carly caught her arm. It took her and Freddie to hold her back.

"I hate you Gibby! I HATE YOU!" She continued to scream.

"If this is all fake who are they?" Spencer asked pointing to the laughing zombies and man.

"Well this," Gibby said pointing to the man in the mask, who took the mask off as he spoke. "Is my cousin Jim."

"And those," He pointed to the zombies. "Are his friends. I paid them five bucks each too act out as zombies and a maniac," He finished.

"GIBBY YOU JERK! YOU HORRIBLE JERK!" Sam was still yelling.

"You wanted a scary night!" He accused.

Freddie glared at him. "Yeah that's all we wanted. Not the fear that we were going to die!"

"And this was all filmed?" Spencer asked, his face red with anger.

"Well yeah… that was the point, remember?" Gibby said.

"Look at Sam's head Gibby! Your little friends in the fog caused her to gash it open!" Carly said.

"Sorry about that," One of the zombies said. "I was trying to grab your friend, but I kinda tripped," he added.

Freddie glared at him, not saying a word.

"I hate you Gibby!" Carly said.

"Hey it's not my fault! You never said you didn't want me bringing in people!" Gibby reminded.

"This was over the limit! You shouldn't have done this! And to top it all off everyone saw it!" She yelled.

"Well it's your own fault! You wanted a scary night and you got one!" Gibby yelled back.

"Just open the door," Spencer said. "Were going home NOW," he added.

Gibby sighed. "Fine," he said going over to the keypad. He did the combination on the lock and opened the doors.

Freddie yawned. "Thanks for the horrible night," he said sarcastically.

"Your welcome," Gibby replied.

Freddie shot him a dirty look. "Bye."

Spencer, Carly, Sam, and Freddie all went through the doors.

"Wait," Spencer said turning around and opening the door. "Gibby, where's our phones you stole from us?" he asked.

"Oh here," He said taking two phones out of his pocket. He handed them to Spencer and Carly.

"Thanks," Carly said none to friendly.

They all headed out to Spencer's car. Freddie and Sam climbed in the back and Carly and Spencer up front.

Spencer started the engine.

"I hate that kid," He groaned.

"This was the worst night of my life!" Freddie said.

"Monday will be worse…" Sam said after a long yawn.

Carly groaned as Spencer started driving away.

Sam laid her head against the seat of the car. "I'm so tired…." She groaned.

Freddie glanced at the wound on her head. "Spencer do you have any alcohol wipes?" he asked.

"Umm, I might. Carly can you check the glove bocks?" Spencer asked.

Carly opened it up and found a few stray alcohol wipes and handed them back to Freddie.

He opened one and gently began cleaning Sam's head.

"I can do it," She groaned.

"No just get some rest, you had a long day," Freddie insisted.

"You did too," She said closing her eyes again.

Freddie sighed. "We all did," he confirmed.

They continued to drive down the dark road, relieved that they were finally out of the abandoned old school.

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