iNo Where Left To Go

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"What do we do?" Carly whispered.

"We have to get away from him… before he turns," Spencer replied.

"But it's Gibby! Gibby can't be…" Sam started to day but stopped herself.

Freddie hugged her tightly.

"We can't leave," Carly cried.

"Maybe he has the code written down somewhere on him," Spencer suggested.

"Yeah but who's gonna check?" Freddie asked.

Spencer sighed. "It's too dangerous, come on let's just head to the basement it's the only place that's safe now," he said.

They all turned around ready to go back into the annoying waiting process again but stopped. There in front of them was the Man with the axe.

Carly screamed.

"Run!" Spencer yelled. They all turned to head up the stairs but standing in front of them now were the three zombies.

"No!" Freddie yelled.

Carly and Sam both screamed.

"The other way!" Spencer yelled and they all turned back the other way but blocking them there was Gibby, who now was walking slowly and moaning.

They all screamed as they were slowly backed into a corner.

Sam and Carly sobbed as they were forced to stand behind Freddie and Spencer.

"It's all over," Sam cried.

Carly was crying so hard she couldn't talk.

"Were gonna die," Spencer said almost in a whisper.

The zombies, man, and Gibby zombie were getting closer and closer, the zombies moaning and reaching out towards them and the man lifting his axe up high.

Everyone braced their selves for the death they could no longer delay.

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