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"So you were hiding?" Sam asked confused.

Gibby sighed. "Yeah," he replied.

"You weren't even supposed to be here," Carly accused.

"Well I wanted it to be really scary. I figured that if I popped out of no where a couple of times then it would be even scarier for you," He explained.

"Wrong," Freddie mumbled.

"But then I couldn't find you guy's anywhere. But I kept hearing these weird noises on the third floor. I thought someone was in pain…" Gibby went on.

Sam shivered at the thought of the zombies.

Freddie took her hand and squeezed it.

"How did they get in Gibby? Did you leave the place unlocked while we were in school?" Carly accused again. She was furious with Gibby.

"And the rats!" Sam accused.

"Rats?" Gibby asked.

"Yeah the rats! The big nasty ones!" Sam repeated.

"Oh. They were already there. I left a note in your locker to watch out for them," Gibby replied.

Sam glared at him.

"Calm down," Spencer said.

"What about the fog room?" Carly asked.

"What about it? It was supposed to be scary," Gibby explained.

"So you were the one who pushed me in the elevator?" She asked.

"What?" Gibby asked.

"Then that must have been the axe guy!" Carly replied in a shaky tone.

"What axe guy?" Gibby asked.

"The one with the mask and the axe! He tried to kill us all!" Carly was yelling now.

"Carly," Spencer warned.

"There's a killer in here too?" Gibby asked.

"Yeah! So can you just like get us out of here now?" Sam asked.

"Yeah! You're the one with the code! Go type it in!" Carly added.

Gibby sighed. "All right, all right." He added walking over to the door but he fell on the floor.

"Gibby!" Sam yelled letting go of Freddie's hand as they all rushed over.

"Ah my leg!" He said looking down at his twitching legs where the zombie bites were.

"What's happening to him?" Carly asked in a panic.

"Get away from him!" Spencer said shoving them back.

Gibby's eyes closed and he began to shake violently.

"He's turning!" Freddie said.

"He's turning?" Sam asked in fear.

"Into one of them." Spencer said quietly.

Suddenly Gibby stopped.

Carly went to get a closer look but Spencer grabbed her hand. "Don't go near him!" he said.

"Were never gonna get out…" Sam whispered.

Freddie wrapped his arms around her. She was right. Gibby was the only one who knew the code and now he was… dead.

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