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Spencer and Freddie rushed down the third floor hall heading toward the room Sam and Freddie met the zombies in. They both only had one thought on their mind. Who was the person screaming?

"How much further?" Spencer asked.

"Down toward the end," Freddie replied.

They continued to run, both out of breath and sweating.

"HELP!" The cry sounded again. "Someone Help!"

"There!" Freddie called pointing to a classroom.

Spencer rushed up to the classroom and threw open the door. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"What is it?" Freddie asked catching up to Spencer. He looked into the classroom. "Gibby!" he called out in disbelief.

Gibby was standing on top of an old cabinet while three zombies tried to get to him. "Freddie! Spencer! Help!" he called.

Freddie grabbed the broken broom Sam used earlier to save him and rushed over to one of the zombies and started beating it. The zombie turned to him and started following him toward the back of the classroom.

Spencer kicked one of the other Zombies making it fall. "Gibby get down!" he shouted too Gibby while taking on the other zombie.

Gibby jumped down and limped over to Spencer. He had bite wounds all down his leg where the pants were ripped away.

Spencer took one of Gibby's arms and through it over his shoulder. "Come on let's go!" he called to Freddie.

Freddie looked over at Spencer. "Go ahead! I'm gonna trap them inside! Get Gibby to safety!" he called out.

"Freddie, no just hurry!" Spencer shouted stepping toward the door, avoiding the swipe of the fallen zombie.

"I have to trap them or they'll get out! Just go!" Freddie yelled.

Spencer nodded and helped Gibby out of the classroom. He shut the door and helped Gibby along down the long hall. "Carly! Sam!" He called out as he got closer to the platform.

Carly and Sam started down the hall when they saw that Spencer was half carrying someone.

"Gibby!" Carly yelled and went to his other side, pulling his arm around her neck to get them going faster.

"Where's Freddie?" Sam asked looking around.

"Don't worry, he'll be here," Spencer said out of breath as they continued helping Gibby along.

"What? Where is he?" Sam demanded. She didn't need an answer when she saw the look in Spencer' eyes. She just took off running.

"Sam!" Carly yelled. "Sam come back!"

"Come on," Spencer said to Carly. "They'll be back, both of them," he added and they continued to the platform, and then made their way down the stairs.

Sam ran as fast as she could down the hallway. What if something happened to Freddie? She could think it. She couldn't let her mind decide his fate.

She opened the door to the classroom. Freddie was in the back of the classroom fighting off the zombies who had him cornered. The piece of broom in his hand was on the verge of breaking.

"Freddie!" Sam shouted running over to him. The zombies were snapping and grabbing at him fiercely.

"Sam get back!" Freddie yelled as he tried to push a zombie away.

Sam ran over to the back of the classroom and speared the taller zombie. It fell to the ground crashing into an old desk and Sam tumbled down on it. She screamed as it grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards it's mouth.

"Sam!" Freddie shouted pushing the other zombies out of the way. He ran over and hit the zombie with Sam's hair on it's hand. The zombie let go and he yanked Sam to her feet, pulling her toward the door.

They slammed the door and started running down the hall. "Are you out of your mind?" Freddie asked in an angry tone.

"Are you?" She snapped back.

"I could have handled myself!" Freddie argued.

"I came cause I was scared for you all right?" Sam said stopping.

Freddie stopped too not knowing what to say.

"Freddie you and Carly are my best friends, and I just… if anything was to happen… I would die…" Sam explained.

Freddie hugged her. "I'm sorry," he said softly.

"Me too," she replied hugging him tightly and then releasing. "We should probably go catch up with the others," she added.

Freddie nodded and they headed down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs Gibby was sitting on the bottom step and Carly and Spencer were pacing back and forth.

"Hey," Sam said coming down the final steps.

"Sam! Freddie! Thank God!" Carly said relaxing a little.

Sam went over and hugged Carly once. "I had to go after him," she said softly.

"I know," Carly said knowing the true meaning behind what Sam had said.

"Did you lock them up?" Spencer asked Freddie.

"We shut the door, if that's what you mean," Freddie replied.

Spencer just nodded relaxing a little too.

Sam looked over to Gibby. "So why exactly are you here?" she asked.

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