Sam glared at him. "You know you don't have to be such a jerk about it!"

"I'm the jerk? You're the one who only listens to Spencer! He may be older but who says he's smarter than me?" Freddie was really getting angry now.

"Spencer's not trying to send us on a suicide mission! You're such a little Dweeb! What do you want? To be the hero?" Sam yelled at him.

"Sam, Freddie, this isn't helping!" Carly said.

"Yeah, Freddie, give it a rest!" Sam said and turned her back to him.

Freddie clinched his fists to his sides. He wanted to shout at Sam. How could she suddenly just turn like that? He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. "I'm sorry," he said in a softer tone.

Sam didn't turn back around just sighed.

"Is there anyway we can get a signal on your cell phone?" Spencer asked quietly.

"No… besides my battery is almost dead," Freddie said.

"Mine too," Sam replied turning back to face them.

"What was that?" Freddie asked jerking his head toward the stairs where he heard a faint scream.

"It sounded like someone screaming!" Carly said.

"There's no one else here Carly, it could be a trap," Spencer pointed out.

The screaming continued. "Help! Somebody Help!

"We can't just sit here!" Sam said.

"Help!" The person screamed repeatedly.

"Freddie, Spencer! We have to save them!" Carly panicked.

"All right, all right!" Spencer said.

"It sound like it's coming from upstairs!" Freddie pointed out.

"All right, come on," Spencer said starting up the stairs. "Wait, if anything happens, I want you all to run, no questions asked," He warned.

Carly and Sam nodded.

Freddie nodded too although he knew he wouldn't run if his friends were in danger.

They all started up the stairs in a brisk pace. Spencer was in the lead, followed by Carly, then Freddie, then Sam. When they got up to the second floor platform they could still hear the screaming coming from above them.

"We can't go up there the zombies are up there!" Sam anxiously pointed out.

"We have to Sam! Someone needs our help! Maybe they even know a way out!" Carly replied.

"Come on guys we don't have much time!" Spencer impatiently growled starting up the stairs again.

Carly followed catching up to be right next to him.

"Come on Sam," Freddie said when she didn't bulge.

"I can't Freddie!" She objected.

"We can't leave you behind!" Freddie said.

"I'm not going up there Freddie! I'm not about to be eaten alive by flesh eating zombies!" Sam yelled in fear.

"Freddie, Sam, hurry up down there!" Spencer called looking down from half way up the stairs.

"Come on!" Freddie said grabbing Sam by the hand and pulling her along.

"Freddie I'm not coming up there!" Sam screamed.

"HELP!" the crying continued.

Freddie dragged her up the stairs, catching up to Spencer and Carly.

They continued up the third floor. Freddie was still dragging Sam, who was fighting like her life depended on it, and Spencer and Carly were still in the lead. They paused at the platform.

"Help!" The shouting continued from down the hall.

Freddie still holding his grip on Sam's arms stared down the hall. "The zombie room," he confirmed quietly.

"No!" Sam cried.

"She doesn't have to go with us Freddie, but she's not staying alone either," Spencer quickly decided.

"Carly can stay with her," Freddie confirmed shooting Carly an apologetic glance. He knew that once he said the words, Spencer would agree and would refuse Carly the opportunity to come with them.

"What?" Carly asked. "No! You guy's can't leave!"

"Just stay here!" Spencer said sternly. "We'll be back! I promise," he added.

Carly reluctantly nodded and took Sam's hand.

Freddie met Sam's eyes. "We'll be back," he repeated.

She just nodded too leaned her head on Carly's shoulder.

"Come on," Spencer said to Freddie.

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