iCries for Help

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Everyone was silent for several minutes. They were all scared and the only room they felt safe in was destroyed.

Sam cried so hard. Her chest was heaving hard and her throat hurt form her sobs. Freddie hugged her tightly. What were they going to do? What if they never made it out? What if Spencer or Carly, or… or Sam got hurt? He couldn't bare that thought.

Carly wasn't doing any better than Sam. She wouldn't let go of Spencer for anything, she just continued to cry and cry. Why was this happening to her? Why did everything have to go wrong? What would happen next?

"Where are we gonna go?" Sam asked breaking their hug.

"I don't know… We can't go upstairs…" Freddie replied.

Spencer, still hugging Carly, sighed. "This is horrible…"

"What about the basement?" Carly asked through her sobs.

"It's too big and there's no stopping him from getting down there one way or another," Spencer replied gently stroking Carly's hair.

"We can't stay here," Sam whispered.

No one said anything. They all knew she was right. It was only a matter of time before the man got out of Spencer's trap and you could bet your bottom dollar that the zombies would find a way down stairs soon enough.

"We have to get out of here," Freddie said after moments of silence.

"We can't Freddie!" Carly said, her voice hoarse from all the crying.

"Yes we can," He assured her.

"Freddie we're stuck. The door is locked, we don't have the code…" Spencer replied.

"Exactly," he said.

All three of them looked at him in confusion.

"What I mean," Freddie began. "Is that we need to find the things on the list," he added.

"Freddie we can't, it's not safe," Carly protested.

"There's no other way Carly! This is our last chance. If were quick and careful then we can get it done faster and safer," he explained.

Sam sighed. "He's right, it's the only way out," she said almost in a whisper.

"We don't even know where to begin to look!" Spencer pointed out.

"We can start in the easiest safest places," Freddie pointed out.

"But what about the fog room, and the third floor?" Carly asked.

Freddie sighed. "Were going to have to risk it," he decided.

"We can't Freddie," Spencer said. "I wont let any of you put yourselves in danger," he added.

"Spencer what does it matter? If we don't do anything then we are basically surrendering!" Freddie snapped.

"No Freddie!" Spencer's voice was stern. "I wont let you three get hurt! We'll keep running and hiding. Eventually some one will come!"

"Spencer, listen to yourself! You can't rely on others to come save us! It's no one or us! And I'd rather risk my life to save my best friends then to stand by and do nothing!" Freddie was yelling now.

"How do you know no one's gonna come Freddie?" Sam asked. "There are thousands of people watching this! What if we just like found another camera and begged someone to call the cops?" she suggested.

"Sam that's never gonna work! People aren't going to believe us! If anything it will give us higher ratings!" Freddie snapped at her too. He was so frustrated.

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