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Freddie jerked out of his sleep. What was that noise? Was there a noise? Or was it a nightmare? Something didn't feel right. He gently shook Sam. "Sam wake up," he said softly.

Sam's eyes flew open. "What is it?" she asked suddenly alert.

"I think I heard something, come on let's go wake Spencer and Carly," Freddie said getting up and helping Sam to her feet.

They walked to the front of the room, surprised when they saw that Carly and Spencer were awake.

"Did you hear it too?" Carly asked Freddie and Sam.

"Yeah," Freddie said with a nod.

"Hear what?" Sam asked still confused.

"Shh!" Spencer said when the sudden noise came back. It was a loud noise. Like someone was hitting something with extreme force.

Carly bit her lip. Someone was on the other side of the wall.

"What is it?" Sam whispered to Carly.

"I don't know…" Carly whispered back. She was shaking badly with fear.

Spencer leaned his ear to the wall. "I can't hear anything," he whispered.

Sam flashed an anxious glance at Carly. Something wasn't right.

Suddenly the noise stopped.

Everyone was tense. No one moved or said anything.

There was a crash. Everyone screamed. The tip of an axe came through part of the wall.

"He's gonna get in!" Carly panicked.

"Everyone get back!" Spencer shouted pushing them all toward the back of the room.

Another loud bang and the axe appeared through the wall again.

Sam screamed grabbing Carly's hand.

Carly was in tears. "It's him Sam! He's gonna come in! He's gonna kill us!" She was screaming.

"Carly calm down!" Sam said trying to keep herself together.

The hacking continued. They could hear the wall split.

"What are we gonna do?" Freddie shouted in panic.

Spencer just shook his head slamming his fists into the wall. He shouted something but no one was sure what it was.

Another hack.

Sam and Carly both screamed. Carly was sobbing still, her chest heaving heavily.

"We have to get out of here! Spencer we have to get out!" Sam shouted tears streaming from her eyes too.

Another hack. The hole in the wall was getting bigger.

"Isn't there another door?" Freddie yelled.

"No!" Spencer shouted back. "Were stuck! Were stuck in this stupid room!"

Sam wrapped her arm around Carly. They cried together as the hacking continued.

The wall split some more and they could all see the man now.

Sam screamed again backing herself and Carly up all the way to the back wall.

"Were gonna die!" Carly cried.

"No there's gotta be a way!" Freddie shouted.

Another hack. This time there was nearly a man-sized hole in the wall. Any moment he would be in there.

Carly screamed again, her body shaking violently. Sam was pretty much in the same condition.

Suddenly the man was in the room. He was running straight toward them.

Spencer knew he had to be brave. Three children were depending on him. He suddenly shoved them out of the way and made a run at the Psycho. "Run! Get out now!" He shouted as he started slamming things at the psycho. "Run! Go get out! Run as far away as possible!" he continued to shout.

Carly wouldn't move. "Spencer no!" she was shouting repeatedly.

Sam grabbed her and started to drag her. "Carly come on!" she screamed at her in tears.

Carly tried to fight Sam off but Freddie helped and they dragged her toward the door. She was still kicking and screaming as they pulled her down the hallway and out into the main entrance as fast as they could.

Carly was fighting so badly now that Sam had to stop and pin her to a wall. "Carly stop!" she screamed at her.

"No!" she screamed back. "Spencer no!"

Freddie was pacing back and forth watching for any sign of the psycho or Spencer.

Sam was crying so hard it was hard to keep her grip on Carly. "He'll be okay Carly!" she shouted at her "It's Spencer! He's smart! He'll get away!" she yelled right in her face.

Carly stopped screaming and her body went limp, pinned against the wall. Sam caught her as she let go and she was falling. She hugged her best friend crying too.

"He has to be okay!" Carly cried.

"He will! Carly just listen to me! He will!" Sam replied hoping for herself it was true.

Carly pulled away and sat down in front of the wall crying.

Sam stared at her for a moment. Carly needed to be alone. She needed to cry.

Freddie jumped at the touch of Sam's hand on his shoulder. He turned and relaxed seeing her. He pulled her into a tight hug.

Sam cried in Freddie's arms. "What if he doesn't come back?" she whispered so only he could hear.

"He will Sam, he will," Freddie whispered back.

Sam just cried there for what seemed like forever but Freddie didn't care. He was crying too. They were trapped in this hell with all those things and no one was coming to help them. It was only a matter of time before something horrible happened. He didn't want think of all the things that could happen but the thoughts haunted his mind anyway. He was shaking.

Suddenly the hall door swung open.

Carly jumped to her feet and Freddie and Spencer both turned in panic. They relaxed when they saw who it was.

Spencer was out of breath. His arms were a bit bruised but other than that and a little sweat he was in good condition.

"Spencer!" Carly screamed and ran to her brother.

Spencer hugged her tightly.

"What happened?" Freddie demanded, his arm around Sam's waist.

"I trapped him…" Spencer said still trying to catch his breath.

"What how?" Sam asked through her still oncoming sobs.

Freddie tightened his grip around her.

"The… file… cabinets… I threw… on top…. him." Spencer said through deep breaths.

Sam relaxed and buried her face in Freddie's chest. They were safe… for the time being.

"I thought I lost you!" Carly said through her tears.

"I had to do it Carly, I couldn't let anything happen to you, I couldn't let anyone hurt my little sister!" Spencer said hugging her even tighter.

Carly cried into her brother's chest. He was the greatest brother ever. She never wanted to have to almost lose him again. She couldn't ever go through that again.

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