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Carly paced back in forth in the dark filing room. She spent a long time sitting on the cabinet swinging her legs impatiently but Freddie begged her to stop.

"Carly give it a rest," Spencer moaned putting his hands in his face.

"I can't Spencer. I can't stand it anymore. I hate the waiting! I hate just sitting here doing nothing!" Carly said thinking she would go crazy.

"There's nothing else we can do, just try to get some rest…" He replied.

Carly groaned and flopped back down on the cabinet.

Freddie sighed. He knew how agitated Carly was. They were all feeling it. He looked over at Sam who had fallen asleep. She looked so peaceful. How could she do that at a time like this? She was really something. Freddie smiled.

"What are you so happy about?" Carly asked seeing his smile.

"Huh? What?" Freddie asked trying not to blush.

"You were smiling," She accused. "At Sam!"

"I was not!" Freddie denied.

"Spencer was he not smiling?" Carly demanded.

"Umm I'll have to stay out of this one. Besides I wasn't even really paying attention," Spencer mumbled.

"I know what I saw Fredward Benson!" Carly teased.

"You saw me smiling and that's it! Can't I smile at my FRIEND?" He asked stretching the last word.

Carly laughed. "I know what I saw," she repeated.

Sam groaned. "What did you see?" she asked waking out of her sleep.

"Now look what you did!" Freddie accused.

"It wasn't my fault, it was you with all your yelling," Carly snapped.

"Carly?" Sam asked confused. Carly was yelling at Freddie? Was that even possible?

"Well if you would just mind your business and stop being a jealous brat!" Freddie yelled.

Carly was taken aback by his words. Was it true? Was she jealous that Freddie had looked at Sam they way he had always looked at her? It couldn't be? Could it? She stared at him with angry eyes. "Why would I be jealous? I don't even like you Freddie! Your just an annoying Dweeb!" she yelled back.

"Carly! Freddie! Calm down!" Sam said over their yelling.

They both turned to look at her.

"What is all this about?" Sam asked a little quieter.

Carly glanced over at Freddie. She knew he would never forgive her if she told Sam the way he was looking at her. "Nothing, we just had an argument. I'm sorry we woke you," Carly apologized in a softer tone.

Freddie looked over at Carly. "Sorry Carly, I just, I'm sorry," he said looking down at the floor.

"I'm sorry too," Carly said. "Freddie you're my best friend. And regardless of what Sam says, your not a Dweeb," She said with a smile.

Freddie laughed. "Apology accepted," he said.

Carly laughed too.

Sam who was utterly confused yawned. "Thanks for waking me," She said sarcastically but not in a mean way.

"Sorry," Carly said again.

"I think I'm gonna go to the back of the room where it's quiet," Sam added walking away.

Carly looked over at Spencer who was asleep. "Freddie, I really am sorry," she said quietly.

"Me too. I know you're not jealous, and you could never be a brat," he replied.

Carly smiled. "So what is it? What did I miss between you and Sam?" she asked in a friendly manner.

Freddie leaned up against a wall and just shrugged. "Nothing."

Carly decided not to press. "We found a thing on the list," she said casually.

"Oh yeah?" Freddie asked.

"The Barbie leg, it had a number six on the back," she replied.

"So we have one of the numbers, not that it helps much," Freddie pointed out.

"There's a camera in here too," she said pointing up.

"Great, our fight was filmed… like the rest of…" He stopped himself.

"Like what?" Carly asked.

Freddie groaned. "Nothing, nothing, I was just thinking," he lied. Did the whole world really see everything that happened between him and Sam?

Carly slid down to the floor finally getting tired. "I think I am gonna take a nap," she said scooting a little closer to her brother. She felt safer with Spencer being close by.

Freddie smiled. "Good, I won't have to hear you pace anymore," he teased.

Carly giggled. "See you when I wake up," she mumbled and closed her eyes.

Freddie watched Carly fall asleep within a few minutes. He was the only one up now. He looked around the room. Part of him was nagging him to go to the back of the room where Sam was. To watch her sleep and see how peaceful and safe she was. But the other half of him felt the eyes of thousands of viewers watching him. What would they think if he smiled like that again? If he just sat there with Sam? He stopped himself. He wouldn't allow himself to have anymore thoughts like that. His feet began moving unconsciously and he found himself standing directly in front of Sam. Why was he doing this? Why was he so worried about Sam? It was Carly he loved. Or was it?

"What?" Sam asked pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Wha… Sam your awake?" Freddie asked startled.

"Yeah dummy, did you want something or are you just gonna stare at me all night?" She asked.

"Umm, I was just, I was just uh, uh checking on you. Carly and Spencer are asleep," he lied.

"Oh, well you checked," Sam said.

"Umm do you mind if I sit with you? You're the only one awake," he asked.

"Sure why not, since I probably wont be getting back to sleep," Sam replied. She tapped on the floor next to her.

Freddie slid down the wall beside her keeping about a foot away. He didn't want to get too close.

"What time is it?" She asked in a yawn.

"3:12" Freddie answered tucking his phone back in his pocket.

"How long are we gonna wait?" She asked.

"I don't know. Until we can't anymore I guess." Freddie answered with a shrug.

"What do you think is gonna happen?" Sam whispered.

Freddie looked over at her to see the fear in her eyes. "I don't know Sam, I wish I did, but I don't… Were stuck in here with all those things… Anything could happen."

Sam wiped a tear that escaped her eye from her cheek. "Are you scared?"

Freddie took Sam's hand into his. He didn't care that thousands of people all around the world were watching. Sam was his friend and he needed her. "Yes," he whispered.

Sam linked her fingers through Freddie's. "I never was a good friend," she began.

"That's not true," Freddie interrupted. "You're a great friend."

"I'm horrible to you," She added hanging her head low.

"Just a little friendly teasing," Freddie said squeezing her hand.

"Freddie, I've beat you up, stolen from you, humiliated you, teased you, used you, and the whole nine yards…" Sam said more tears running down her cheek.

"Sam why are you doing this?" Freddie asked.

She didn't answer she just laid her head on his shoulder.

Freddie moved her hand to his other hand and wrapped his arm around her. "You're my friend Sam, it doesn't matter what you do, it's always going to be that way," he assured her.

Sam closed her eyes. Here she was again, scared and crying, and in Freddie's arms.

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