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"So where do I begin?" Freddie asked leaning against a wall.

Carly was standing in front of him and Sam. "In the foggy hall, right after Sam started to feel and hear the things…"

"Okay well, when Sam started freaking out…" Freddie began and was interrupted with a slap on the arm from Sam.

"I was not freaking out!" She snapped.

Freddie sighed… this was the old Sam.

Carly shot Sam a warning look. "Go on," she said to Freddie.

"Well soon after she… err heard something, something pushed into me and I fell knocking Sam with me. After that I heard you scream and then Spencer shout. You two were screaming and shouting and at the time I didn't know that it was Sam I knocked down so I really didn't know what was going on. And then…" He paused as the memory from early came back to his head. "Everything got quiet…"

Sam glanced over at Freddie. She knew he was reliving the fear he had when he heard Carly's screams, and it bothered her, but she hid it. "I didn't hear any of that. Freddie knocked me out cold with the fall and his stupid watch got my head," she said placing a hand over the still fresh but dirty wound.

"Is it bad?" Carly asked.

"I don't know. It stings badly but It's been the least of my worries," Sam replied.

"So after you were woken?" Spencer asked impatiently.

"Oh… yeah… Well after Freddie woke me we decided we needed to get out of the fog. We didn't know what happened to either of you and we weren't about to let it happen to us." Sam explained. "We ended up going up to third floor," she added leaving out the details of their fight and her breakdown.

Freddie glanced at her sideways.

Sam met the gaze but quickly turned away. Whatever was going on with her and Freddie should be the furthest thing from her mind.

"Why the third floor?" Spencer asked.

"We thought maybe you two might have gone up there," Freddie answered.

"Anything interesting up there?" Carly asked.

Sam shivered remembering the traumatizing experience the third floor held for her.

"Well there were some Rats," Freddie said and glanced over at Sam. He didn't want to remind her of the horrible thing she went through but he needed to tell Carly and Spencer.

"I fell down…" Sam whispered closing her eyes.

Carly could tell that something bad was coming. She moved over and hugged her best friend.

Sam laid her head on Carly's shoulder.

"They crawled all over her…" Freddie said softly. "She got up and Ran… we were split up for about ten minutes…"

Sam released herself form Carly's hug. "It was so horrible Carls! They were in my hair… and the big one…." She began trembling.

"Oh Sam!" Carly said and hugged her again. She felt so bad for her.

"I found her in a class room at the end of the hall, but she wasn't alone…" Freddie began.

Sam shook again and pulled away from Carly. She looked over at Freddie who too was trying to find the right words to explain what they saw.

"Someone else is here?" Spencer asked confused.

"Well sorta… Three of them…" Sam trailed off.

"They had her cornered… They were grabbing and snapping at her… I didn't know what to do…" Freddie said putting his face in his hands.

"Who?" Carly asked. "Sam?"

"Zombies Carly…. Freddie and I saw zombies…" Sam whispered.

Carly stared at her not quite comprehending what she said. "Sam they're not real… are you sure?" she asked.

"Carly I wouldn't lie to you… they were there… they tried to get Freddie… I hit one with a broom, and we ran… we just kept running… and then we found you…" Sam said.

"Spiders, Rats, A Psychopathic Killer, and now Zombies?" Spencer asked in disbelief.

"Psychopathic Killer?" Freddie asked alert.

"You said something about us seeing a guy?" Sam reminded.

"That's why the door was locked…" Carly began. "This guy… with a mask and an axe… he tried to kill me… he came out of no where…"

"We thought it was him at the door again," Spencer added placing an arm around Carly.

"But why are you guys down here?" Freddie asked.

"In the fog some thing forced me in a elevator. I ended up in the basement. I found Spencer there too. I thought maybe you two would be there but you weren't. We ended up going back upstairs to search for you but you weren't there. Then we saw the watch…" Carly explained.

"We thought you feel over the railing cause it wasn't broke before and you watch had blood on it," Spencer added.

"We went down stairs too look for you," Carly finished.

"You went the wrong way… Ironic how we were going up as you were going down," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah," Freddie agreed.

Carly sighed. "Well were all together now… but what do we do?"

"I don't know…" Sam replied with a sigh. She was so exhausted.

"I'm just glad were together, maybe if we wait it out Gibby… or someone will come looking for us," Freddie said sliding down to sit on the floor.

"You might be right," Spencer agreed. "So far this is the only safe place. We know the third floor is has occupants we would rather not run into, and the maniac could be anywhere. What time is it anyway?"

Freddie pulled out his cell phone.

"Freddie you still have your phone!" Carly said excited.

"Well duh. Don't you?" he asked.

"No the things in the fog took ours, call for help!" She said.

"No signal," Freddie said.

Carly and Spencer sighed.

"Sorry," Freddie said.

"It's not your fault… I'm stupid for even getting excited," Carly explained.

"It's 2:06," Freddie pointed out changing the subject.

Sam slid down on the floor and pulled her knees up to her chest. "If were gonna wait it out I'm making the best of it," She said laying her head on her arms.

"I doubt I would be able to take a nap at a time like this," Carly said lifting herself up on a short cabinet.

Spencer sat down in front of the door. "So we wait," he concluded.

"We wait," Freddie repeated.

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