iEerie Moans

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Sam continued sobbing, every now and then swiping her hand up through her hair for fear that there was still a rat or two nestled inside. How could Gibby do this? How could even bare to let those thing in here? But what if they were already in there? It was a sure possibility. Rat's are in lots of places. In this was a very old building. Maybe they should have chosen a not so old building to this in. Maybe they shouldn't have done this at all. But it was too late to change anything. They were stuck in here. With the rats and the spiders… and now… now she was all alone. She let out a small cry wishing that she hadn't run from Freddie. She needed Freddie. She needed him like never before.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a moaning noise. She sat up alert. "Freddie?" she asked. "Freddie is that you?"

The moaning continued. It sounded familiar in a way. Where had she heard moaning like that?

Suddenly something cold touched her foot. She jerked up too her feet and stared down. The moaning was coming form the person that touched her. "Oh my god are you okay?" she kneeled down to the person.

He moaned again reaching up her leg. Then it happened. He put his lips to her leg.

Sam screamed. The person grabbed her leg harder and started snapping at her like a wild beast. She screamed again and began shaking her leg to free it of the things hand.

"Help!" she yelled giving another kick. This time the hand fell and she backed up to prevent it from grabbing again only to bump into something. She turned behind her hoping to see Freddie or Carly, or Spencer but found something else. It was another thing just like the much human like one on the floor. She screamed again and then another one came out from behind a cabinet.

The thing walked slowly. Almost like they didn't really know how to walk. They continued to moan. And then it hit in. "No… no, no, no, no, no!" Sam cried at realization. "Your not real!" she screamed tears streaming down her cheek. The things grabbed for her again but she backed up in the opposite of the one on the floor, only to hit a wall. "Somebody help me!" she cried. "Help!" she yelled again this time as loud as she could.

Freddie was looking in a classroom in the hall when he heard the scream. Her scream.

"Sam!" he said to himself and heard another scream. "Sam!" he shouted and took off in a run towards the sound of her voice. "Sam! Sam where are you?" He yelled checking each classroom along the way.

He heard her cry out again as he got closer to her voice. He stormed into the next classroom finding two bloody people violently grabbing and snapping at Sam. She was backed into a corner and there was another thing on the floor grabbing and snapping at her leg. "Sam!" Freddie called out. The things, which were unusually moaning turned to him and started toward him.

"Freddie watch out!" Sam cried as they suddenly grabbed from him. She grabbed a piece of an old broken broomstick and slammed it into the thing that was closest to Freddie.

Freddie pushed the one on the other side of him down. "Come on!" he yelled to Sam.

She followed him, slamming the door as they ran out of the room.

They didn't stop in the hall they just continued running. At one point Sam nearly tripped and Freddie grabbed her arm to pull her along.

They ran past the rats not even taking notice of them. They were the least of their worries compared to the new things. The zombies.

Freddie pulled Sam onto the platform. And they headed down the stairs at a fast pace.

Sam was out of breath when they reached the second floor platform but Freddie kept going pulling her with him. When they reached the main floor she halted. "Freddie, wait… can't… go…. anymore," She said between breaths.

Freddie let go of her arm but she just flung herself in his arms. He tightly wrapped his arms around her.

"They don't exist Freddie…" she was saying through her cries. "They don't exist!"

Freddie didn't know what to say. He was in such shock. How could there be Zombies here? Zombies weren't real. They were fake. Weren't they?

Sam pulled away. "I want to get out of here!" she said looking around the open area.

Freddie glanced over at the left hallway off the main entrance. "Come on," he said taking her hand and pulling her along again.

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