iWhat's That Noise?

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Carly cautiously opened the door down the long hallway, relaxing when she found that like all the others, it was empty. She quickly closed the door and moved on to the next door. A pattern that seemed to never end. A pattern that caused her heart to nearly stop every time it was repeated. But in a way that exact pattern gave her hope. Hope that in one of those empty rooms Sam or Freddie might be waiting for her.

Another door, another empty room. She sighed entering the room. How much time had passed since Spencer and her had split up? Were the five minutes he promised up? Or had any time passed at all? Not having a working clock was driving her mad.

At the front of the room Carly noticed an old desk that was good enough to sit in. She opened up the top curious to see if anything was left behind, but it was bare. She sighed and laid her head down the splintery desk. There's no way that Freddie or Sam were down here. She could feel it.

She closed her eyes. "What was I thinking coming here? This was a horrible idea!" she said to herself.

A slow screeching sound like medal on medal came from somewhere near.

"Spencer?" Carly asked slowly lifting her head.

The sound continued getting louder.

Carly got out of the seat. "Spencer is that you?" she asked in almost in a whimper.

No one answered accept for another loud screech.

Carly's legs began to tremble in fear. What was that horrible noise?

The sound was getting louder and louder.

"Who-o-o-o-o's there?" Carly asked in a shaky voice.

The door slowly opened.

Carly braced herself holding her breath not even able to move.

Taking a step backward, Carly stared as a very tall and built man wearing what appeared to be a roped bag with eyes holes cut out walked in dragging a bloody axe.

The man slowly took two steps closer. The sound of the Axe was almost ear splitting. Carly was frozen, paralyzed. She just stared as he continued his slow walk towards her.

Her instincts kept telling her to run, to scream, anything to get away from him but her legs wouldn't move accept for the never ending shaking.

"Help…" she tried to scream but her voice was but a mere whisper.

The man cocked his head to the side and Carly could tell that he was smiling underneath the mask. He slowly raised the axe.

The space between Carly and the man was getting smaller and smaller.

Suddenly without warning the man sprinted forward raising his axe, ready to swing.

Carly succeeded in screaming this time and ducked as the axe barely missed her. "Help!" she yelled as the man continued to swing the axe at her.

She pushed the desk down in front of her buying time and made a run for the door. "Spencer!" she screamed. "Spencer help!"

The man ran with a surprising speed while carrying the axe. Carly slammed the door to buy even more time and ran toward the steel blue door. "Help!" she cried, tears flooding her cheeks. "Spencer!"

Carly glanced back seeing the man still chasing her. She wasn't even nearly at the end of the hall. "Spencer! Spencer help!" she screamed as loud as she could manage.

Suddenly the steel blue door swung open. "Carly?" Spencer yelled.

"Spencer!" Carly cried.

Spencer jerked his head in the direction of her voice. Terror shot through his entire body as he saw the Man chasing his little sister. "Carly hurry!" He yelled holding open the door.

Carly continued to run trying not to trip over her feet as she went to speeds she never had before. At the very end of the hall she very near tripped but Spencer grabbed her hand and pulled her in the room slamming the door shut.

The man began banging on the door fiercely.

Carly cried. "He's gonna get in! We have to do something!"

Spencer bolted the lock. "It's a steal door Carly, were safe… for now," he said taking his sister into a hug.

Carly cried intensely on her brother's shoulder. "Who was he Spencer?" her voice was muffled through the tears.

Spencer shook his head. "I don't know…"

Carly continued to sob.

"Carly, Carly, Calm down," Spencer said gently patting his sisters back.

"I can't… I can't… he tried to kill me Spencer… He had an axe…. With blood…" She trailed off.

Spencer hugged her tightly once more and then released her. "Where did he come from?"

"I don't know… I was in one of the class rooms and I heard this noise… and then… and then he just came," She explained attempting to wipe her tears.

"I shouldn't have left you… it was a bad idea… I'm so sorry Carly," Spencer said.

Carly shook her head. "No it wasn't… you didn't know…" she hugged her brother once and then backed away looking around. "So what is this place?" she asked taking in her new surroundings.

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