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"Sam!" Freddie called as he watched her disappear down the hallway. "Sam come back!" He started down the hall, avoiding the rats as much as he could. He was so worried about Sam. His heart was beating faster than it ever had before and he wanted nothing more at that moment than to ring the neck of every rat that even looked at her.

He heard a door slam. "Sam!" he yelled again racing toward the loud slam. "Sam!"

The hall was silent. Freddie panicked. He opened every door for about ten doors searching for her, only to find it empty accept for a few half broken desks. He thought he would go crazy.

"Sam!" He called almost in tears. "Sam where are you?"

Still no one answered. Freddie slowed down out of breath. She had to be up there. Where else could she have gone? He would have seen her if she came was heading for the platform.

"Where are you Sam?" He whispered to himself.

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