iThird Floor

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Freddie slowly climbed the final steps to the third floor. The platform was much like the second floor platform if not exactly the same. Freddie looked back at Sam who was taking her time coming up the final steps. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Seeing Sam, Sam of all people, cry was a big shock. But the biggest shock ever was when she let him hug her.

"Are you… are you okay now?" He asked as she joined him on the platform.

She nodded. "I guess…"

"No fog," Freddie said pointing to the hallway.

"Yay!" Sam replied sarcastically.

Freddie couldn't help but smile. Seeing Sam back to her usual self was great. "So should we go down?" he asked.

"I guess, we have to find Carly and Spencer," Sam pointed out.

Freddie stared down the dark hallway that was lit only by the moonlight, like the rest of the school.

"Do you think they're down there?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. But where else can they be?" Freddie replied.

Sam nodded and started forward.

Freddie followed catching up to her.

They both walked slowly down the hall. The only sound besides their footsteps was a small scratching noise.

"What was that?" Sam asked in a panic as something small ran across the hall in the dark.

"What?" Freddie asked not seeing anything.

Sam glanced down seeing something small moving around about two feet away.

"Freddie there!" She said in a high voice, halting and grabbing Freddie's arm.

Freddie pulled out his cell phone and opened it up to light up the area ahead of them. There in front of him was a black rat with glowing red eyes that was eating another smaller rat.

Sam screamed.

Freddie hurried ahead pulling Sam, who was shaking with him, only to find more rats. "There's tons of them!" he said looking around the floor.

"Freddie let's go back! Please!" Sam begged.

"We can't! We have to find Carly and Spencer!" Freddie protested.

"No! Freddie come on!" Sam pleaded trying to tug him back to the platform.

"Sam stop! Come on, just don't look down!" Freddie said holding his ground.

Sam turned around trying to pull Freddie with her when she saw it. Standing there in front of her, with wet black hair, and red glowing eyes was a Rat the size of a cat if not bigger. It's yellow teeth were covered in blood from a dead bat on the floor in front of it. Sam screamed and losing her balance fell. Tiny rats jumped at the opportunity to nest in her long blonde hair and started crawling all over her.

"SAM!" Freddie shouted.

Sam was shaking and swiping at the rats. They kept coming and she knew if she lay there she would be eaten alive. She scrambled to her feat, and still in complete shock in fear took off running down the hall.

"Sam wait no!" Freddie called watching the still covered in rats Sam run.

Sam kept running and running. She would have preferred the spiders than the disgusting red-eyed rats. She could still feel some of them clinging to her hair. She put her hands up on her head and started yanking them out, screaming and crying the entire time.

Though she heard Freddie calling after her she didn't stop. She couldn't stop. The shock from the rats had complete control over her. She stormed into the closest classroom and slammed the door. Not even bothering to look around she slid down the wall, brought her knees up to her chest and buried her head in her arms crying.

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