iLong Hall

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Carly walked over to the watch not knowing what to think, let alone say. She closed her eyes for a long second and reopened them, hoping that the watch was just a figment of her imagination, but it was still there.

Spencer touched the broken railing. "This wasn't broken when we first came up," he pointed out.

"That means… that means…" Carly couldn't say it. She feared before that something might have happened to Freddie or Sam, but seeing the blood on the watch only confirmed her fears. Freddie was hurt.

Spencer pulled his little sister into a hug. "Carly…" was all he could say as he rested his chin on her head.

Tears poured out of her eyes. "Freddie…. He's hurt Spencer… And Sam…. What if… what if Sam's hurt too? What if…" she couldn't even bear to think the worst of what could have happened.

"Don't think that Carly…" Spencer said hugging her tightly to his chest. "We're gonna find them… both of them… And were gonna get out of here."

"Spencer I'm scared…" Carly cried.

"Me too…" He agreed. "But we have to be strong, were gonna find Freddie and Sam, I promise you," he whispered.

Carly sobbed. "What if we don't Spencer? What if we never get out of here?"

Spencer released Carly from the hug and put his hands on her shoulders. "Listen," he began. "We'll get out one way or another. One of the viewers will call the cops, or Gibby will come check on us in the morning, who knows, maybe this is all part of the plan? Maybe Gibby really wanted to scare us," he said trying to convince her.

Carly just nodded. She turned her gaze back to the railing and the watch. "Freddie must have fallen," she said wiping her tears only to feel fresh ones stream down.

"Yeah, did you see any blood downstairs?" Spencer asked.

"I wasn't looking," she answered. She pictured the main floor in her head. There was all kinds of fake blood stains down there. "It would be impossible to see, there was so much fake blood from the fake body," she added.

Spencer sighed. "We have to go back down. There's another hall remember?"

Carly nodded. "Yeah, that means more spiders…" she said with a sigh.

"Just don't think about Carly, it doesn't matter anymore. We just need to find Freddie and Sam…" Spencer pointed out taking a deep breath.

Carly glanced back at the foggy hall. They could risk going through there again to find the elevator or they could do the stairs. The thought of going back in the fog scared her more than the spiders. "Okay," she said with a sigh.

"Come on," Spencer said taking her hand.

They started down the stairs as fast as they could. It was their third trip down the stairs and it was just as bad every time. The creepy spiders seemed to me multiplying. Some even were starting to spill over the stairs. Carly Cringed when she felt a sudden crush under shoe. Spencer squeezed her hand and pulled her along. He knew how much Carly hated spiders, and he was none to thrilled about them either but they had to find Freddie as soon as possible.

Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, both Carly and Spencer were out of breath. Carly put her hand to the wall to hold herself up while attempting to catch her breath. She glanced around the room almost hoping to see Sam and Freddie appear. But none to surprising, neither did.

Spencer leaned over placing his hands on his knees also trying to regain energy.

"I… don't… want… to…. do… that… again…" Carly said between breaths.

Spencer stood up straight wiping the beads of sweat off his head. "Hopefully we wont have to."

Leaning back against the wall, Carly folded her arms across her chest. "What do you think is down that hall?" She asked.

Spencer walked over to the door. "Only one way to find out," he said turning the handle.

Carly came over to him and grabbed his arm as they both started into the hall. The hall was long and surprisingly wide. There were several doors on one side and a number of bulletin boards and drinking fountains on the other. Several lonely desks were also along the wall opposite of the doors.

They walked slowly peeking into the open doors and letting out breaths they had been holding every time they safely passed another door.

"Beware?" Spencer asked reading a sign hanging on the wall.

"Turn back now…" Carly read aloud a few doors down.

At the end of the hall was a single steel black door.

"What now?" Carly asked almost in a whisper.

Spencer looked around the entire hall. "We need to split up," he bravely answered.

"What? Spencer no!" Carly argued, her voice in a panic.

"Carly listen to me," he began. "All those doors are class room, if we just stay in this hall there's no way that we can get split up, we just gotta meet back out in the hall," he explained.

"No! Spencer we can't!" She was begging now.

"Carly, we have to. If we spilt up we can clear this hall faster. The faster we work, the faster we find Freddie," he pointed out.

Carly sighed.

"Okay how about this," he said. "You start checking the classrooms and I'll take the mystery room," he added. He would have much rather taken the classrooms than the big blue door, but he knew that Carly would feel much safer if she didn't have to go into the unknown.

"Spencer are you sure?" Carly asked.

"We have to," He replied.

Carly sighed again. "All right… but come right back!"

"I'll be back I promise," Spencer said and hugged Carly again.

Carly hugged her brother tightly and then pulled away. "Five minutes," she said looking him in the eye.

"Five minutes," Spencer agreed.

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