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Sam paced the second floor platform trying to get a signal on her phone. Freddie had done the same but finally gave up and sat down on the top step.

"Err!" Sam groaned shoving her phone in her pocket. "This is so typical! It's like schools are built to block cell phone signals!"

"Great, just great!" Freddie shouted to himself. "What are we supposed to do now? Carly… Er and Spencer are gone," he said adding Spencer to not throw Sam into a fit again. He couldn't handle that right then. "And not to mention were locked in this stupid place!"

Sam walked over to the stairs leading to the third floor. "Maybe we should go up?" she suggested.

"What? No way! I'm done with this haunted house. Were missing two people and your hurt," he reminded her.

"So what. Maybe if we just go up it wont be like the fog hall and we can find some of the things on the list," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah and where will that get us?" Freddie asked kicking the ground,

"Well we will be closer to getting out, and who knows maybe Carly and Spencer are somewhere up there," she replied.

Freddie sighed. "All right fine. But your not leaving my side, I'm having a hard enough time trying not to worry about Carly and Spencer," he said grabbing her arm.

"You don't have to hold on to me like a kid, Jeesh Freddie, I'll be fine, besides I bet It's not as bad up there," Sam pointed out.

"Okay," he said starting up the stairs. "Oh wait," he added and then went back to the platform and took off his watch, placing it on part of the railing still intact. He went back up to Sam. "Just in case Carly or Spencer come through this way. They'll know that we were here," he told Sam as they continued up the stairs every so often looking for spiders.

Sam and Freddie took their time reaching the top of the stairs. They were in no hurry to be scared again.

"Freddie," Sam said as they were about half way up.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"What if were, well, you know, really in danger?" she asked.

Freddie could hear the fear in Sam's voice. "Sam I doubt that. This is just Gibby trying to scare us. We have to just try to not be scared and remember that nothing is real," he said in a comforting tone.

"The spiders were real," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, well they were here before Gibby came," Freddie said.

"So what! There was someone… or something in the fog with us!" Sam was getting worked up again. She hated being scared and she hated it even more when Freddie wasn't.

"It was probably just…." He searched for an excusive thing or person, but none came. "Listen," he said. "I don't know what, or who, was in the fog. All I know is that Gibby is behind all of this, Sam you don't have to be scared," he added in a soft voice.

"Me? Scared?" Sam took it offensively. "I'm not scared at all! I could go through this whole place all by myself !"

"Sam calm down!" Freddie said seeing how worked up she was getting.

"I don't need to! I'm calm! I'm fine! I'm a bit of okay!" She said trying to fight back her tears. Freddie knew just how to push her buttons.

"Sam you just need to be…." He started to say but she cut him off.

"Need to be what? Calm?" She asked, her eye's burning from trying not to cry. "I am calm!" she added the tears finally escaping her lock on them. "I'm Calm!" she cried.

Freddie stared in disbelief as Sam buried her hands in her face and cried. "Sam?" he said softly.

She continued to cry sobbing into her hands. "Carly and Spencer are missing…." She said through her tears. "I just want to go home…."

Freddie nervously placed a hand on her shoulder.

Sam leaned in and buried her face in Freddie's chest sobbing so hard her body shook.

Freddie wrapped his arms around her. "Sam don't worry, we'll find Carly and Spencer. And we'll get out of here," he said gently hugging her.

She just continued to sob. Though she was scared and worried she felt a whole lot better in Freddie's arms.

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