iWe Have To Go Back

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Carly helped Spencer up to his feet, brushing the cobwebs off his shoulders. "We have to get out of this basement," she said.

"Yeah if we can," Spencer reminded her. "Maybe were locked down here for a reason."

"I doubt that. I think they just wanted to separate us," Carly said.

"Well they succeeded. I sure hope Sam and Freddie are okay," Spencer added. "I wonder where they stored them."

"I don't know. I didn't hear anyone else yelling but you," Carly said in a worried tone. "What if, what if someone really was in here?" She asks.

"Come on Carly, it's just some of Gibby's friends," Spencer replied.

"Spencer I'm serious! Those were really strong guys!" Carly said offended,

"It's probably all part of Gibby's plan. Come on let's try tog et out of here," Spencer said not wanting to hear no more so he didn't have to believe it.

Leading the way over to the door Spencer tried the handle. It wasn't locked. "You ready to back out there?" he asked looking at his little sister.

Carly sighed. "I don't know. Maybe we should just wait here for a while."

"It's gonna be okay Carly. And besides It's probably best to go try to find Freddie and Sam anyways. If their even together," Spencer explained.

"I don't know. Don't you think if they were locked up they would be in the basement too?" she asked.

"No, they wanted to split us up remember? And besides I heard a loud thump before your screaming. I think Freddie might have fallen and Sam too. So maybe they were on the floor and they weren't taken. They might even still be there. Those floors are hard," Spencer said imagining Freddie and Sam knocked out on the floor. He shivered.

"Oh no Spencer what if their hurt?" Carly worried.

"We have to go back…" Spencer said slowly.

"What, but what if those people, or things, are there still? Either we aren't wanted there or Gibby's trying to make it really hard for us," she said.

"Carly we have to go back. Freddie and Sam might be hurt. I can't be held responsible for that!" Spencer explained imaging the look on Freddie's mom's face when she found out that he was the reason Freddie was hurt.

Carly sighed. "Your right," she said. "Besides I'll feel a lot better about all this when were all together again, let's go," she added.

Spencer opened the door to the basement slowly. Surprisingly there was nothing but a long skinny hallway.

"It probably leads to the main hall. One of the side doors." Carly guessed walking toward the door. Opening it she was none to thrilled when she was right.

"So now we have to go all the way to the top again and into the hall?" Spencer clinched his fists. He was none to happy with Gibby's pranks…. If this was Gibby's pranks anymore.

Carly groaned. "Ugh I hate Gibby!"

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