iNo Signal

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Sam felt relieved when she stepped through to the staircase outside the foggy hall. "I can see!" she said.

"Oh God Sam your head!" Freddie said staring at the blood dripping down.

"What?" she asked.

Freddie dug in his jeans for an extra napkin from lunch and gently pressed it to her head.

"Ouch stop it!" Sam said pulling away.

"No we need to stop the bleeding," He said grabbing gently pressing the napkin to hre wound again.

She grimaced in pain.

"I'm sorry," he apologized.

"You should be!" She snapped. "It was your stupid watch!"

Freddie sighed. She was right. This was all his fault.

There was a long silence as Freddie kept applying pressure.

"I hope Carly and Spencer turn up soon," Sam said breaking the silence.

"I hope their okay. The way Carly was screaming…" He stopped himself before he could imagine it again.

Sam pushed Freddie away and yanked the napkin from his hand and held it to her head turning from him.

"What?" Freddie asked knowing that she was upset.

"Is that all you think about?" Sam demanded. "Carly?"

"What?" He asked again.

"You have a one tracked mind Freddie!" Sam snapped.

"What is with you?" Freddie asked.

"Nothing! Jeesh I was just making a comment! You overreact to everything!" Sam said shoving Freddie.

"Sam! You are such a… a…. a…." He didn't even know what to call her.

"What? What am I? A Bully? A Brat? Come on Freddie say it!" Sam challenged shoving him again.

"You're a nobody Sam! Your nothing! If you were to just magically disappear nobody would even care cause all you do is cause trouble for people!" Freddie shouted.

Sam couldn't take it. She shoved Freddie and he stumbled back to the railing, which was so old and weathered that it broke from his push. Freddie slipped back and fell luckily grabbing on to a piece the railing that was still intact.

"Freddie!" Sam screamed her heart thumping fast. "Oh God Freddie hang on!" she added and kneeled down and leaning over the edge.

"Sam help me!" Freddie begged trying to hold on but the wooden rail was starting to split.

Sam reached down and grabbed Freddie's arms and with all her strength tried to pull him. "Freddie try to lift your self!" she panicked.

Freddie reached up to Sam's arms and slowly eased himself up. With Sam's help he luckily came back over to the top.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked concerned.

"Yeah… that was so… I thought I was a goner..." Freddie said out of breath.

"I'm so sorry Freddie... I was being stupid… I'm really sorry," Sam apologized.

"Umm, me too. About you being nothing… I was just mad. Listen let's just call Gibby and get out of here," Freddie said digging into his pocket for his cell phone. "Err!" he shouted.

"What?" Sam asked.

"No signal!"

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