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"Spencer! Sam! Freddie! Somebody Help!" Carly continued screaming as the unseen people dragged her.

No one answered.

"Gibby this isn't funny! Let go of me right now! You've gone way too far!" She screamed at the top of her lounges.

Again no one answered.

"Help!" She screamed again only to find a cold warty hand over her mouth. She screamed but it made not much noise due to the hand.

As the dragging slowed Carly soon found her self being shoved rather than dragged. Before she knew it she was in an Elevator and the doors were closing. "No!" she shouted as she tried to open them back. The button was already pressed and she was headed for the basement.

Carly sighed and looked around. There were cobwebs, like most of the school, but to her luck no spiders were present.

"This isn't even funny!" She screamed. "GIBBY!"

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