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"Realistic dead bodies, Spiders, I hope that's the worst," Carly said as they reached the top of the stairs to the second floor.

"I doubt that," Sam said staring at the foggy hallway. It so foggy you couldn't see anything.

Freddie sighed. "Fog machines. The fog wont be getting any thinner unless we can find the fog machines, which most likely are run by remote control… great."

"Anything could be down there," Spencer said.

"What's the worst? Some more fake dead bodies that pop out at you?" Carly said.

"I don't know," Sam replied.

"We have to go down there, I bet something on the list is down there for sure," Freddie explained.

Spencer sighed. "He's right, we have to. But just stay close together, and we'll go in every from left to right at the same time. If there's any trouble just meet back here."

"All right," Carly said with taking a deep breath.

"Freddie? Sam?" Spencer asked.

"I'm in," Sam said.

"Let's go," Freddie added.

Spencer, Carly, Freddie, and Sam all headed side by side into the deep fog. Not long after entering they couldn't see anything.

"Carly? Freddie? Sam?" Spencer asked quietly.

"I'm here," Carly replied in the same soft tone.

"Me too," Sam added.

"I'm here too," Freddie said.

They continued slowly walking occasionally calling out to each other. Out of no where something ran past Sam and rubbed up against her.

"What was that?" she asked in a high pitch whisper.

"What?" Freddie asked.

"I didn't see anything," Carly added.

"I swear it was like someone ran past me! And they were close enough to brush up against me!" Sam said.

"It's probably just the fog playing tricks on you," Spencer added.

Suddenly the person-or thing- whipped past Sam again.

"There it was again!" Sam squeaked.

"I think I felt something touch my arm!" Carly added.

"Ah! What was that?" Spencer asked when he too felt something touch his arm.

"Freddie I'll kill you if you're doing this!" Sam growled.

"It's not me!" Freddie snapped and then bumped into someone when a great force pushed him.

"Ah!" Sam screamed as she hit the floor with someone coming down on her.

"Sam!" Carly screamed. "What's going on?" she asked as things kept running past her.

All of a sudden the unseen things grabbed Carly and started pulling her. "Help! Spencer! Freddie! Sam!" Carly screamed.

"Carly!" Spencer shouted as he was being dragged too. "Carly!" he shouted again.

"Carly? Spencer? Sam?" Freddie called from the floor where he had fallen. He couldn't see anything-not surprising- but he heard Carly scream and then Spencer.

No one answered.

He felt around on the floor with his hands and felt a face, and then he remembered. He knocked some one over when he fell. He continued to feel the face to find it's features. Sam! Oh no! He thought as he felt something damp on her forehead.

"Sam? Sam are you okay" he asked gently shaking her.

She didn't budge.

"Sam come on get up," he coaxed gently shaking her again.

Her body began to move and her hands touched his forearms

"Sam?" he asked again.

"Wha… what's happened?" Sam asked looking around and not seeing anything but fog.

"I don't know," Freddie admitted. "Someone, or something pushed me and I fell knocking you over."

"Where's Carly? And Spencer?" Sam asked still trying to make sense of everything.

"I don't know. I heard Carly scream and then Spencer, and then they were gone…" Freddie said trying to block the memory of Carly's screams out of his mind.

"Ouch!" Sam said lifting her fingers to her head, which was wet with sticky stuff. "Freddie am I bleeding?"

"I think so," he said. "You must have hit my watch," he said feeling the blood that was smeared on his wrist watch.

Sam moaned.

"What?" he asked scared that something else might be wrong.

"This was supposed to be fun," she replied.

Freddie sighed. "I know, I think we should just call Gibby and tell him to unlock the doors and call off the prank,"

"First we gotta get out of here," Sam said feeling her head again.

Freddie took Sam's hand and pulled her to her feet. "Come on, I can think I can find the way back to the door," he said still holding her hand.

"Umm," Sam said trying to pull her hand away from his.

"No Sam," Freddie said holding on tighter. "We can't see anything, and we need to stick together."

Sam groaned. "Fine, but as soon as were out of here your letting go. I'm not Carly remember?" she teased.

Freddie pinched her.

"Ouch!" She complained.

"Come on," Freddie said and pulled her along.

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