iThe Plan

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Carly, Sam, Spencer, and Freddie all headed up the stairs. Freddie pulled out his list from his pocket.

"Jeesh, Gibby put some weird things on here," He commented looking at the list. The first few items were an old blue sock, a vacuum cleaner brush extension, and a Barbie doll leg.

Sam peered down at the list. "So what happens if we split up? He only gave us one list," she pointed out.

Carly sighed. "Just like Gibby to do something stupid like that!"

Spencer said nothing but was too busy eating peanuts from his pockets.

They all stared at him.

"Wha?" he asked his mouth full.

"What do we do? Who knows what kind of pranks and traps he has set up!" Sam added.

"Wait, what if he spilt the list in half?" Freddie suggested.

"Freddie your so smart!" Carly said.

"Cool, I like ripping things," Sam said reaching for the list.

"No, that's okay, I know a way to do it WITHOUT destroying it," Freddie said giving Sam a dirty look. He then folded the list down the middle, licked the paper, to which Sam watched with Disgust, and then he opened the paper and folded it at the same spot but the other way and then he tore it.

Carly clapped her hands when they all realized that none of the list was messed up.

"Great job Freddie!" Spencer complimented dusting the salt off his hands.

Sam just grunted. Taking part of the list and handing it to Carly. "What makes you so sure were gonna get split up into pairs?" she asked.

"Well I can't split the list again that was the only spot with a gap between words," Freddie said.

"Okay Freddie you carry one list and Spencer you the other," Carly said handing hers to her brother.

"Why us?" Spencer asked.

"Because Spencer you're the oldest, and Freddie you're the smartest," Carly replied.

"So what if we get split form them?" Sam asked.

"Well then, I don't know!" Carly said.

"Okay how about this, no one strays too far away, and if you do always have either Spencer or me with you," Freddie explained.

"Like I'd ever take you with me," Sam mumbled under her breath.

Freddie heard her and shot her an annoyed glance.

"Okay well we might as well get going, be on the lookout for anything on the list," Spencer addressed as they turned on the platform heading for the next flight of stairs.

"I bet the body was the best part. Gibby probably thought that alone was worth twenty bucks. I mean look at that fake tarantula," Sam says picking up the spider. Before she knew it the thing was wiggling in her hands. Screaming she tries to shake it off.

"Sam what's wrong?" Carly asked in panic and then saw the Spider on her hand.

"Get it off! Get it off!" Sam said to Spencer as the thing crept up her arm. She continued to shake but the thing clung to her hoody.

"What? No!" Spencer said backing away in fear.

"Carls! Freddie! Get it off!" Sam panicked shaking and screaming as the thing tried to go down the neck of the hoody.

"Sam your hoody!" Carly yelled.

"Carly!" Sam panicked trying to hold down the neck of her hoody to keep it from getting in.

Spencer picked up the arm off a fake skeleton and swiped at the spider. Freddie soon did the same.

Sam continued to panic, chills shooting down her spine as one of the legs touched her cheek.

Freddie couldn't stand seeing his friend (even though she was a jerk) so scared and bravely grabbed the spider and quickly threw it down the stairs.

"Sam it's gone, Sam calm down!" Carly said putting her hand on Sam's shoulder.

The hand sent more chills down her spine. She jerked off her hoody and threw it on the floor, her breathing it short, fast breathes. "I-t-t-t's g-g-gone?" she asked.

Spencer looked down over the railing. "Yeah all the way to the floor!"

"Ugh, I hate spiders!" Sam complained brushing off her shoulders just in case.

Carly peeked on the railing checking to see if there was anymore. "I can't believe Gibby! That jerk!"

"Actually I don't think Gibby brought it," Freddie said staring at the wall behind them.

Carly, Sam, and Spencer followed his gaze. There on the wall was a real cobweb full of tarantulas.

"Let's go!" Spencer said pushing everyone up the stairs.

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