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"We're here," Spencer said pulling up into the parking lot of the run down school.

"Why are the windows boarded up?" Sam asked as they all stepped out of the car.

Spencer hit the alarm button on his key chain. "Not sure, maybe it's part of Gibby's decorations."

They stepped up to the doors slowly.

"Okay, you do know that once we enter we can't leave until we collect all the items on the list and find the hidden letters on the back to get the password?" Carly reminded them.

"Yep, come on Carl's let's go in," Sam said.

"I'm ready when you are," Freddie added.

Carly slowly opened the door entering first. Spencer came in second and Sam and Freddie after. Carly caught the door before it closed. "Are you guy's sure?" she asked again.

"Positive now shut the door," Sam said and moved Carly's hand letting the door slam shut.

An evil laugh echoed through the hall.

Sam laughed. "Oh I'm so scared!" she lied. "Is that all you got Gibby?"

"Hush Sam, it's not like he can afford to do anything spectacular," Freddie replied.

"It's gonna be cool guys," Carly said. "Just Chillax, I bet it gets pretty scary too. Gibby always did want to do something really cool to show on the internet!"

"So where do we go first?" Spencer asked looking around for the first time. They were in the main entrance and in front of them there was another set of big double doors, along with matching ones on the right and the left.

"We could split up," Sam suggested. "Carls and me, and You and Freddie,"

"No way!" Freddie objected. "We agreed before that there would be no spilt ups!"

"Jeesh, don't get your panties in a wad, okay, well then pick a way Carls, this is your show," Sam said.

"All right, I say we go forward," Carly said waiting for someone to go.

"Well go on," Spencer indicated for Carly to go.

"Gosh are you guy's that scared already?" Sam asked.

"I'm not scared I just don't want to go alone!" Carly said a octave higher then usual.

"I'll do it," Sam said taking a step.

"WAIT!" Spencer says putting an arm in front of her. "We'll all go in together, now everyone at once," he said as they all stood side by side and slowly opened the doors. Slowly, very slowly they entered, waiting to be freaked out. And as they entered they were instead amazed.

"Whoa," was all Sam could say.

"Gibby did this?" Freddie asked looking around at all the decorations, fake cobwebs, hanging plastic skeletons and other odds and ends. It looked like a professional did it.

"Wow," Carly commented looking around too.

Suddenly out of know where, what appeared to be a dead body hanging but a rope from it's foot came swinging from the ceiling with fake blood and everything. It looked completely real.

Sam and Carly screamed at the same time and ducked for cover. The body flung into Freddie knocking him to the ground and he started screaming too as continued swaying back and forth over him. Spencer got out his pocket knife and using it as a sword he bravely chopped at the rope, screaming the entire time. The body finally detached from the rope and crashed on top of Freddie.

"Oh my god Freddie!" Carly said as her, Sam, and Spencer rushed over to move the real like body form on top of him. The body moved with a thump and landed next to him.

"Freddie are you okay?" Sam asked not realizing that she didn't hide her concern at all.

"Wha… Yeah what happened?" He asked and then saw the body. He screamed and jumped to his feet. "WHAT IS THAT?" he asked.

Sam kneeled down and inspected it. "It's just a wooden doll. It looked so real though. I can't believe Gibby got us right off the bat like that!"

Freddie was still out of breath. "That was crazy!"

"I know, Spencer that was so cool what you did with your knife though!" Carly praised.

"Uh, thanks, I was just quick thinking," Spencer said, a proud grin appearing on his face.

Sam patted Spencer on the back. "Good thinking, if we somehow get separated I hope I'm with you," she joked.

"Hey I could have done that!" Freddie stormed.

"Freddie calm down," Carly said.

"Yeah, god what's the problem Dweeb?" Sam teased.

Freddie clenched his fists to his sides trying to control his anger.

Sam gave Carly a shrug. "So now where? We could go up stairs or that way," she pointed to a hallway to the left.

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