iGibby's Plans

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While Spencer, Carly, Sam, and Freddie were in the car taking the forty minute drive to the school, Gibby was already there doing last minute preparations.

"Okay you five are the zombies. Whenever you get the chance pop out and chase people. Don't run, walk," Gibby said with a grin. Carly wasn't expecting anything like he planned. She probably didn't expect half of it. She didn't know about all the people he rounded up to dress up as monsters and all the equipment her borrowed from his distant cousin who runs haunted houses.

"So should I moan and what do I do if I catch them?" One of the guys playing a zombie asked while last minute makeup touches were being put on.

"Well yeah you moan!" Gibby said. "And don't catch them just drag them down and but always let them get away after a few attempts to bite them," he added.

The five zombie actors walked away going to their station where they would wait for Carly, Spencer, Sam, or Freddie to walk by.

"And you with the axe come here!" Gibby called.

"Yeah" a tall guy that had a mask made from a roped bag on his face and was carrying an axe that was covered in fake blood asked as he approached.

"What you need to do is chase people and swing at them with your axe but don't ever hit them. You can 'miss' them though by hitting walls. As long as you don't hurt anyone," Gibby explained.

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