iThe Car

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"Aww why do I get stuck in the back seat with IT," Sam complained referring to Freddie.

"Aww what's wrong Sam now that the movie's over you and Freddie don't want to cuddle?" Carly joked from the passenger seat.

"Sick!" Sam said looking at Freddie as if he were a pimple.

"Carly don't even joke about that!" Freddie agreed.

Spencer laughed. "Well from what I saw on the couch I would have thought you two were a couple," he joked.

"Yeah right. I kept trying to shake that little worm off but he was just a big scared baby!" Sam snapped.

"I was not scared! I was just cold and you three had all the blanket!" Freddie accused.

"I bet he was pretending I was Carly! Well too bad Dweeb I'm not your little doll so go dream about Carly elsewhere!" Sam teased a little two mean.

"I hate you Sam!" Freddie said.

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