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"In five, four, three, two, one" Freddie said as the regular icarly started up.

"Hi I'm Sam,"

"And I'm Carly,"

"And this is icarly!"

"First of all Happy Halloween!" Carly said as Freddie used sound affects to make Halloween monster noises.

"Second of all, if you've got plans tonight cancel them!" Sam said.

"And if you don't have plans…" Carly began.

"You do now!" Sam added.

"Cause tonight Sam, Freddie, Spencer and I are all going to an old abandoned school…" Carly began.

"Which are friend Gibby turned into a haunted house," Sam added.

"To do a special icarly reality haunted house!" Carly finished.

"That's right!" Sam added pressing the applause button on the remote.

"So tonight at ten tune in on icarly as the four of us go through the entire night trying to collect all of the things on Gibby's Halloween hunt!" Carly said as Freddie made the Halloween sounds again.

"Did Carly mention that we are locked in until we find all the objects?" Sam added with a huge grin.

"Yeah and we have no idea where there's gonna be a camera, once again thanks to our dear friend Gibby!" Carly added.

"Now this show can last for a long time so we understand if you fall asleep. So just leave the show on and when you wake up, who knows maybe the show will still be going!" Sam went on.

"And to conclude this short first icarly for the night we have a picture of the earth dressed as a witch!" Carly said. "Freddie show them the earth!"

Freddie put on the earth and then Sam and Carly did their goodbyes and they logged off.

Sam went over and sat in the bean bag chair munching on candy corn.

"So what now?" Freddie asked.

"We wait, who's up for a movie?" Carly asked.

"How about a scary one to get is ready for tonight?" Freddie said.

"Sounds good to me. We can watch Return of The Living Dead," Sam said getting up.

They all head down to the living room. Spencer was eating Halloween candy.

"Hey Spence, wanna watch a zombie movie with us?" Carly asked as she, Sam and Freddie sat down on the couch.

"I guess. There's not much we can do until we head over to the school," Spencer said sliding in between Sam and Carly on the couch.

Carly flipped on to On-Demand and found he movie under the special Halloween section.

Soon into the movie Spencer cringed as the zombies started to come out and he squeezed Carly's shoulder. Not long after that Sam did the same to Spencer's lower arm and then Freddie to Sam's. Everyone was getting freaked out and after about half way through the movie and were cuddling together and screaming together. Carly was hugging Spencer at one side, and Sam was on his other side and Freddie was wrapped like a coat around Sam.

When the credits started rolling the clock struck 9:20 and they all stretched and got up to get in the car and head toward the old school which was about 40 minutes away.

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