iCarly's Apartment

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"Spencer, I'm home" Carly said coming in through the apartment door.

"Hey Carly," Spencer replied while adjusting his new light up Halloween socks.

"Cool socks," Carly commented flopping down on the couch next to Spencer.

"Everything okay?" Spencer asked sensing something wrong by the flop.

"Just the usual, Sam and Freddie fighting," Carly said with a sigh.

"Oh. We still on for icarly tonight?" Spencer asked wanting to change the subject. He was so tired of the fighting too.

"Yep. Were heading over there at ten. It's not a hosted show or anything tonight though so were doing the regular show first and then at ten Freddie's gonna switch on the cameras at the school," Carly explained.

"I'm so looking forward to getting scared!" Spencer said excited.

"Yeah it's gonna be great. I just hope Sam and Freddie can get along. I should have glued their hands together," Carly joked.

Spencer laughed. "I swear they fight like an old married couple,"

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