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This is my first fanfiction about iCarly. So here goes…


Sam Puckett sat in her social studies class waiting for the bell to ring. Today was going to be exciting. Her, Freddie, Carly and Spencer were doing tonight's icarly at an old run down school.

"Come on already stupid bell!" Sam groaned to herself.

"Chillax Sam, we only have a few minutes left. So what time are you sneaking out to come to the old school? Carly Shay asked.

"Umm I don't know, we need to get there early to set up the cameras. Freddie said he'd bring some for all the main rooms we'll be doing the all nighter in. How on earth did you get Spencer to agree to this?" Sam asked.

"Well I promised him that it would be scary, besides it is Halloween. Spencer's favorite holiday!" Carly said excited. It was Halloween and tonight they were going to an old run down school where they would do the special icarly episode.

"I'm so excited. Carls! Freddie paid Gibby twenty bucks to set up some scary pranks and stuff last weekend so it should be all set!" Sam replied rubbing her hands together with a large grin across her face.

"So here's the deal though," Carly began. "The viewers know that we don't know any of the pranks and that we don't even know are way around. So I say we don't wear costumes. We want it to be as thrilling as possible and we need to look normal. So just wear something casual."

"That's fine with me, but it's gonna crush Freddie's heart when he knows that he can't be a Jedi!" Sam joked with a laugh.

"Come on Sam, it's one thing to talk about Freddie when he's with us but another when he's not even in the same room," Carly warned her.

"Oh come on Carls he makes it too easy!" Sam complained.


"Yay schools out!" Carly said with a huge grin.

Sam smiled and grabbed her bags as they exited the classroom and headed to meet Freddie at the lockers.

Sam opened her locker just as Freddie was walking up coming but an inch away from hitting his face.

Freddie slammed the locker back. "That wasn't very nice Sam!" he complained.

"Either is this," Sam said taking the sucker that was in her mouth and sticking it on his face.

"Gross!" Freddie complained.

"Sam! Apologize to Freddie right now!" Carly said annoyed.

"Ugh! Fine Mom, Sorry Dweeb!" Sam said rolling her eyes and pulling her backpack up over her shoulder.

"Freddie did you and Gibby set up the cameras?" Carly asked.

"Yep I had Gibby hang them up. I didn't want to spoil it by getting to see the place early. I don't know how I'm gonna sneak out tonight," He said ignoring Sam's laugh.

"Don't worry Spencer already took care of it. He told your mom that he invited you over to have a slumber party," Carly said.

"Yeah so don't be late Dweeb," Sam added.

"I wont be late. I never make Carly wait but if it was your show I'd be late everyday!" Freddie snapped.

"Dweeb if I had a show I wouldn't want you on it!" Sam snapped back.

"Sam, Freddie, please not today. It's Halloween and it's supposed to be fun. Please get along today, please for me?" Carly asked.

"All right I'll try to get along with Sam, but only cause YOU asked me Carly," Freddie said all googlyeyed.

Sam looked at Freddie with disgust. "Your such a little lovesick Dweeb! Carly's never gonna love you!" Sam snapped.

Freddie started at her wide eyed with anger.

"Sam! Please TRY to get along today! If you don't then were not doing icarly tonight," Carly said in a stern tone.

"All right, all right, no need to get all mad. I'll TRY to get along with Freddie tonight," Sam said after a long sigh.

"Ankleshake on it," Carly said and with that they did they ankle shake.

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