Chapter 17.

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Louis' POV

The stench of fresh cologne was so strong in the bathroom I could barely breathe. Despite the fact Harry has his own flat he still insisted on getting ready here and now it smells like a walking beauty shop when the assistants insist on showering you with different fragrances. I picked up my own bottle of cologne and let it settle onto my body. 

"Are you still in there doing your hair?"

"Liam, just because you don't have any hair doesn't mean you can complain about the ones who do," I shouted back through the door, adjusting my hair with the tips of my fingers. One strand of hair kept falling down onto my face despite the amount of products I was using it was starting to get on my last nerve.

"Are you alright in there mate?"

I sighed heavily before swinging the door open to find Harry fixing in his bowtie, once again. He'd been 'fixing' it for the past half an hour.

"Bloody piece of hair is being difficult," I mumbled as I turned back around to face mirror, still pulling at the hair.

"Have you tried some gel?" He offered, putting the pot in my hand and looking up sceptically. I rolled my eyes at his satisfaction.

"Have you tried some gel?" I mimicked in a high pitch voice causing him to laugh subtly.

"Look, I know you're stressing about tonight but it'll be fine. You won't have to see or talk to her-"

"Harry," I spoke sharply, cutting him off. "I know you're trying to make me feel better but it only happened a couple days ago so ya know, still a little tender," I added, pointing to my heart to add the emphasis on my point.

"I know and it sucks, which is why I arranged something to get your mind of things." He replied, grinning from ear to ear like he was doing some sort of Cheshire cat impersonation. I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously, I wanted to just blurt out that Scarlett and I didn't split out of choice and she didn't have anything to do with his suitcase which he was still holding a grudge against but I couldn't risk the consequences, Scarlett would kill me for starters. Before I could interrogate him on his weird façade the doorbell promptly cut us off.

"Who's that?" I asked him as he stood smiling smugly before turning around and winking over his shoulder. Something told me this wasn't going to end well.

After finally getting my hair to look presentable, I flicked the switch off in the bathroom and straightened out my tux before joining the others in the front room. I scanned the room as if I was accessing it because something wasn't right. 

"Ah Louis, nice of you to finally join us," Zayn joked at my expense – honestly I was surprised he was ready, out of all of us he was normally the last. I ignored his remark and glared at Harry was standing almost too proudly.

"Louis, this is Amanda and Faye." Harry spoke, catching my curiosity. He pointed at the two girls in question in which they both nodded politely. I had never seen these girls in my life and I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing at this point. I nodded back to them courteously but arched my eyebrows back at the curly haired freak. "They're our dates." He beamed as I practically choked on air. There wasn't anything wrong with the girls, in fact they looked very nice and very presentable but I wasn't exactly in the right mood for a 'date'.

"Dates?" I repeated.

"Yep, Amanda is your date for the night and Faye is accompanying me." He replied, hooking Faye's arm through his own. I looked questioningly at Amanda who seemed very unsure about the whole scenario – I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

"Harry please tell me you didn't drag them here against their own will and force them to be our dates," I replied with a hint of humour in my voice, trying to ease the tense atmosphere surrounding us all.

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