Chapter (Bonus)

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Hello All,

So I uploaded today, Chapter 14! (yay)

But I won't be able to upload now for a few days, and I had so many comments and such sweet words sent to me, on todays upload; I wanted to do something in return.

As the next chapter has a lot of contents I really want to put into it, I don't want to rush it

And I have a mountain of University Assignments to complete this weekend and I am back to work tomorrow. So I really will only beable to write inbetween breaks for the next few days.

But I wanted to give you guys something in the mean time, just to say how thankful I am.

This little piece of writing I whipped together, is a Bonus and it is from Sopia's POV. ( I know random)

I will only be doing Isabella's POV, so this is really just a random bonus.

Don't feel like you have to read it if you do not want to =)

So thanks guys, your kind words and support means the world to me.

It is honestly unexpected

Sim x


{Sophia's POV}

Sitting in the gardens with my parents I inhaled the smell of fresh grass and spring

I felt well for the first time in weeks

Smiling slightly, this moment would be perfect if only Nick was here

Sighing I glanced up noticing Connor walking towards us

He was wearing a frown that was often on his face these days

His hands in his pockets and looked deep in thought

I hated seeing my brother so sad lately

Shotting a glare at my father as he reads the morning paper

It was his fault Connor was so sad; he was the one forcing him with Isabella

My jaw clenched at the thought of her.

She had made Nick so sad and it pained me to see him sad

Though I could understand her view on the situation

I watched as Connor threw himself into an outside dinning chair across from me

He looked like death walking

"Not sleeping Con?" I asked deeply concerned

He glanced up at me slightly. I noticed the dark circles under his eyes

He shrugged his shoulder in a response

"Thanks for going with Nick the other day" I said with sweetness in my voice

I really was thankful

It was a struggle being away from Nick

"I had something to deal with there anyway" Connor mutter back to me

I nodded my head

"How did you go with King Blackmore? Is the ban still in place?" My father rough voiced asked Connor

"I think that was cruel of you" I spoke my mind, placing my elbows on the outdoor table

It was true, how could they have of cut Isabella off from her friends like that

After everything she was going to do for them

Connor shot me a filthy look before he glared into the table

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