"No, Dave I'm definitely not marrying William."I clamoured. "This time you can't coerce me.I have always listened to you like an obedient child, suppressing myself every time. But No, Dave.Not this time. It's my life and I have every right to live it on my own way."

I could see anger dancing in those cruel eyes. He clenched his jaw,gritted his teeth.My heart was thumping on my throat. It was a scary sight to look at. He was scary.

The same expression came back to his face. That cruel expression which I wasn't unfamiliar with. But I didn't care now.It was like a do or die moment for me.I was not letting him tame me like he used to.

"Eve, are you out of your mind? I'm doing this for you, for your own good.I want to see you happy,"Dave said calming his composure somehow.

"Oh, really Dave? Since, when did you start caring for me? I don't remember you doing a single thing for my happiness. All those things you ever did were for your own contentment. You don't contain a bleeding heart Dave so don't, don't act like you f**king care. I am not falling in your sweet talks," I said with teary eyes.

However, my tears didn't affect him. It never did. He was a heartless git who only cared for his business, his empire.
"Evelyn Mary Richardson, is this the way you talk to your dad?" A chirpy, irritating voice spoke." This was the voice I hated the most in this whole world- recently.
It was Anna. She was my stepmother or let's say the bitchiest woman in the whole world.I detested her with my whole heart.

Yeah, Dave was my father whom I addressed by the first name. The word 'father' was too heavy for me.I loathed to call him that, he never acted like a father figure. He was a domineering person. He was a business tycoon owning one of the leading business company 'The Richardson Inc'.This filthy rich person was my father who had a name, fame and everything he ever wanted in his life.

And yes I was his daughter, his illegitimate daughter. My mother, Helena she was not from a reputed family.From what I heard,she was a maid who was appointed by my grandmother to take care of the household chores in my dad's place.
At that time Dave was a bachelor. He was a complete womaniser back then and it hadn't changed any bit.
He took advantage of my innocent mother that's how I was conceived.

My mother, I don't even remember her.She died when I was a year older or two. I heard she was never treated well in the Richardson's family. She was humiliated, blamed for the mess that was created by Dave. She was kept or rather locked in a flat when she was pregnant with me. She was provided with every kind of services and facilities, a luxurious apartment to live and all those necessary supplements for her pregnancy.Yet, she was deprived of love.She was hated by Dave's family. 'Why?' One might raise a question.
Because she was a maid who had no family, no reputation at all.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer after I was born. Yet still, she was ignored in the Richardson family.Soon after, she died. She died however nobody cared to shed a tear on her funeral.

"Look, sweety your dad has always hoped for your best. You are misunderstanding him." Anna chirped with a false smile.

I ignored her and gazed at Dave, he was smirking at me now. That man never knew how to smile.
"Eve, I don't care what is on your mind, you are marrying William and that is it. He is a fine lad you know it very well." Dave said in a commanding tone. I glared at him with hatred. I knew very well that William was a nice bloke. He was the son of the chairman of Zeus Hotel. His father was an affluent figure as Dave. Dave wanted me to marry him for his own benefit, for the name of Richardson group and its expansion.

This time I won't let Dave tame me and I was determined.

I had to break free.

"I'm well aware about your trap this time and I'm not falling in it.You don't care about me, you care about this." I pointed to his office and continued,"You only care about your business. I have had enough Dave. Starting this day,I'll live my life the way I want. I am out of your nasty schemes and ploys. You have destructed half of my life and I won't let it waste further. I'm out of it. I am leaving, I'm leaving everything, I am leaving you , I am leaving your filthy house, I am leaving this fucking place that contains so much of dreadful memories."Tears started to form in my eyes.

I could see Dave eyes boiling in rage and anger. His eyes were offering me a death glare which was definitely not a good sign.The same glare... his eyes showed three years ago...No, its not that I wasn't scared,I was.But I wasn't letting him see my weakness. I was determined to leave this filthy place.I continued," I hope my absence will make you realise that you never were a good father and a good person.Goodbye Dave."

I stomped out of his office with an eyes full of tears. I could hear him cursing and shouting "Evelyn, come back you stupid girl."


No, I wasn't going back.


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