Him: 6 years... It has been 6 years that I've been suppressing my feelings for her... A lot of things have happened, but she's still all I could think of.. Should I make a move this time or should I continue moving on?

Her: Scorned by love... I experienced another heartbreak... When will I learn? When will I meet my real prince? Oh well, I think my heart will be in hiatus mode, for now... For a very long time...

Come and join their journey in finding true love... Will they give in or will they resist and not see that they're "each other's half..." Can they surpass all the troubles/trials of being in Showbusiness and fight for their love?


Hello everyone! This is the the first time that I'll write (and POST) a story here in Wattpad... I love these 2 artists and also like the friendship that they have. I might be wishing for any real-life romance between them but am fine with whoever Sarah chooses to be with... I so love her to bits! She's the only artist/actress/performer that I follow (in the local showbiz industry) and I really love everything about her - her personality, talents, humility, etc.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the story or how I write, please do not hesitate to let me know... :)


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