Privacy of 210: Prank War

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Chapter 5:

Prank War

Aubrey played dirty, so it was only fair that I did the same.

I waited for her to arrive at the dorm beside the door, my scare mask on, holding a fake ax with the lights turned off. The buzz of electricity ran through my senses, reminding me why we have this war between the two of us: Pride. And a whole bundle of complicated history.

Red paint splattered on my sheets with a fake body hidden underneath it; its legs and arms spread out in a star shape. I smiled. I knew in my gut that this plan would work, because I knew Aubrey. She feared everything to do with scary, even the non-scary, like Halloween.

This plan was flaw-proof, not a chance for failure.

I didn't hear anything for a while, but the time was almost four in the afternoon. She should've been back from her lecture by now. What was she doing?

A brief flicker of her staying behind after class gathering extra notes sparked in my mind, and I shook my head and chuckled. She would do that.

When my patience grew thin, I heard footsteps. And not just one pair.

My body froze. It was fine when it was just us two, but having someone else involved felt invading. God knew who was with her. What if it was Tracey? A security officer? Her parents? Oh shit, what if it's Ashlee?

I moved before it processed in my head. The fake ax slid under the bed and in a hurry I threw the bloodied sheets under them too. My head pounded as voices neared. The tattoo on my foot itched like a bitch. Was that the floor or was I walking on walls? I couldn't tell, there was too much happening for me to process.

The door opened and I screamed.

Aubrey and Jenny screamed back.

For a moment we stood staring at each other, but the girls had absolute horror printed on their faces for the longest time, I thought neither of them were breathing. Until a sigh ran out of both of them. I hadn't known I held my breath until I followed suit.

"Jesus Justin, what the hell?" Aubrey said, pressing her fingers against her forehead as she dropped her purple bag at the floor. Words failed to make sense in my head, so I continued to stand.

Jenny shook her head. "I really didn't need that. You know I hate getting screamed at, what were you thinking?"

"I...well, you scared me," I said, hands on my waist. "I didn't expect you guys to show up."

Aubrey gave me a disbelieved frown, it made me feel stupid. "The dead could here us coming."

"Well I didn't." My heart hadn't beat this fast since I saw her on orientation.

"You need to get your ears checked..."

"What the hell is that?" Jenny pointed to the fake blood on the floor and the sheets poking out. I was too startled to say anything. "Justin, did you kill someone?"

Aubrey covered her mouth. "Oh my god, is that a dead body? There's a dead body. What the hell!"

"What? No, no that's not—listen, it's not what it looks like."

Jenny pointed a finger at me. "Who did you kill? Justin, who did you kill?"

"There's nothing there!"

"I'm rooming with a psycho. He's crazy, he's crazy. This is crazy."

"Stop talking!" Jenny ducked under the bed, and I knew I fucked up the prank. "It's naked."

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