Chapter 9

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Tobias P.O.V:

I wake up next to the beautiful Tris and wait... Did I even just say that? I MEANT NITA!!! Sorry, anger issues...

Anyway, I wake up next to Nita and see that she's still asleep. I feel like going for a run (I don't know why I just do), so I leave a note on the bed side table saying I'll be back about 9:30 - 10:00 and if not, to call me. I get changed into my black tracksuit and trainers and walk out the door.

I start to jog and eventually quicken my pace to a run. I run past ANOTHER apartment (the 3rd one I've seen today) but this time, I hear a TV on full blast volume; it sounds like a kid's programme from when I was in Mississippi, the kids used to watch it.

I wonder whose apartment this is, someone with children obviously, but why have the parents let the child or children have the TV on full blast. Then I hear something.

A woman shouting, "URIAH! Turn the TV down, I can't hear myself think."

"Okay, okay Trissy!"

Ugh, it's them...
I carry on running until it's about 9:30 and go home. I unlock the door and go inside. Nita walks out of the bedroom and says she has to go to work. Oh yeah, she got a job, at the Tattoo Parlour with Tori. I kiss her and she walks out the door.

-- An hour later --

I continued watching TV until I heard a knock on the door. I go to open it and see her. "What do you want, Tris?"

"I want to talk to you. Can I come in?"

Tris P.O.V:

I knock on the door; he opens the door and says "what do you want, Tris?

"I want to talk to you. Can I come in?"

"Why should I let you in?"

"First of all, what's your problem? Second of all, it's important."

"Fine. Come in. And my problem is you and Uriah."

"What? You moved on so why shouldn't I?" I reply. I carry on talking without giving him a chance to speak and say "Anyway, can I talk to you? It's about Verity."

"Why would I want to talk about your daughter?" he says.

"That's the thing. It's her birthday tomorrow and I feel like I should tell you (and her when she's old enough)..."

"Tell me what?" he asks.

"Umm, well. Ah..."

"Go on then."

"Verity's your daughter." I say rapidly.


"Verity's your daughter and I want you to come to her party at Christina's." I say slower this time.

"Yeah, I got that, but how?"

"I was pregnant with her when you left. I was going to tell you but you didn't give me chance. Uriah was there for me through it all when you wasn't."

"That explains why she doesn't look like Uriah."

"And why she looks like you."

"Does everyone else know about this?"

"Not everyone. The gang knows but no one else. Everyone else thinks that Uriah's her dad."

"Why did they know before me, her dad?!"


And then he kisses me...

Tobias P.O.V:


I don't know what came over me but I did it. I kissed her...

I continue until she pushes me away and slaps me in the face. "What was that for?"

"That was for kissing me, jerkface!"

"What's a jerkface?"

"Ugh!" she yells and walks out the door, slamming it. I immediately regret what I did (what am I gonna tell Nita?! I can't tell her) but I have to admit, even when she doesn't want to kiss you, she's an amazing kisser. Uriah's a lucky man.

Wait. I haven't even got Verity a present!

Hey guys and girls,
Emilee here (I had a tiny bit of help from Charlotte). Hope you enjoyed this chapter and enjoying this book! It's Verity's birthday next chapter!! A bit a Fourtris in this chapter, huh? Do you guys have any ideas that could happen in this book in the future? Just curious because you guys come up with amazing ideas. If we do decide to choose one of your ideas, we will of course mention you in the chapter (I don't know how to dedicate chapters, can you tell me how to?).
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