Hampsters were a lie?

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Aphmau's pov

"Laurence not now Garroth was asking me something." I told him in a gentle voice and he took a step back. "Sorry Garroth what were you saying"U-um well it wasn't rely important so yeah."

He looked to the ground face all red and he looked a little sad. I felt my heart ache at his sad expression and Laurence looked at me and said "Aphmau I wanted to tell you that Kiki has found baby hamsters they're at the plaza. Laurence said with a smile.

"Oooh Hamsters!?" I got rely excited and ran to the plaza.

Garroth's pov

When Laurence interrupted I felt like my heart stopped I was too embarrassed to ask Aphmau now so I hung my head.

"Cheer up Garroth." Laurence laughed and I glared at him and said angrily "Laurence, why did you have to interrupt us!?"Garroth I'm not going to lose Lady Aphmau to you so you better step up your game."

With that Laurence left with a wave of his hand. I sighed disappointed and looked at the sun it was already almost noon I knew I had to patrol the area so I left.

Aphmau's pov

When I ran to the plaza it was empty just Donna, Logan, and Yip where there. I looked around for the hamsters but there were none I remembered that I left Garroth waiting at my house and I ran back.

He was no longer there and I felt disappointed. I looked at the village from the hill where my house was and I saw that Zoey had brought Levin and Malachi to Molly and Dale's house to play with Alexis.

I smiled at the sight of my village happy when I saw Raven flying full speed to me. He landed in front of me and dropped a letter I thanked him and he flew off. I opened the letter and it said "Dear Lady Aphmau, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come by the Plaza this evening I'm throwing a welcome party for Lucinda even though she refused I know she will come. I sent everybody a letter, Sincerely Kawaii~Chan.

"Okay I'll go." I decided to go back inside to look for something to wear. I pulled out that purple dress Cadenza made for me at Donna and Logan's wedding. I smiled at the memory but that was when Zane came.

I glared at the thought of Zane nobody has heard if him and I wonder if he is planning something. I shook my head trying to get rid of the thought and I got dressed. After a wile Zoey, Malachi, Levin, and I left the house and headed to the plaza.

Garroth's pov

I got a letter from Kawaii~Chan and it said something about a party for Lucinda I was happy that she invited me but I wouldn't be able to make it because I have to patrol. I was somewhat disappointed but as long as I kept the village safe I was happy.

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