I was in my chambers alone, trying to figure out if I was still upset towards this young girl, she was only a girl, but she got Daniel killed. My love. My everything.

"REGINA!!! HELP!!" I stood up and heard Snow screaming in the bathroom, I rushed over and pulled the door open, she was standing and looked at me in horror. "Snow? What is it?" I asked calmly, she shook in terror and pointed to the part of her nightgown that was now stained in crimson.

"I'm bleeding! What is happening! I'm dying!" She cried, I sighed and realized she didn't know what was going on, her mother probably didn't live long enough to explain her period to her.

"Okay honey, you're not dying, you're just getting your period." I said walking into the bathroom and shutting the door.

"Here just use this." I said handing her some sanitary items while I explained what was going on. "My stomach hurts and I want to sleep." She whined, her voice irritating me. "That's normal, but unfortunately it's something we have to live with." I said going to leave the bathroom, she nodded and looked down at all the things I had handed her. "Regina?" She said a little quieter, I turned around and had to physically resist snapping at her.

"Hmm?" I managed to mutter, she just smiled and placed the items on her counter. "Thank you for being the mom I never had." She said grinning, my heart broke in guilt of betraying her and at the fact that she did hurt me, my emotions too much to handle. "Anytime." I managed to say before darting out of the room.

Present Day

I was trying to figure out who and how I would break my news. I ran into my house and shut the door, the movement making me a little dizzy.

My mind was going a million miles and I didn't even hear the pounding at the door.

I finally registered the noise and unlocked my door, my stomach dropped when I saw who was standing on the other side.


I cried, he looked up with scared eyes and hugged my legs, his tears wetting the fabric of my leggings.

"Gina I'm scared!" He cried, burying his face in my knees. I pulled him away and lifted him into into my arms. "Roland what are you doing here! You are suppose to be with your daddy!" I cried, he just nodded and buried his face in his hands. "He went over the line and I saw something in the bushes and I followed it! But when I came back he was gone! He said you couldn't come back if you crossed so I decided to stay with you until he came back to the line!"  I sighed and bounced him slightly, bringing him into my mansion and setting him on a stool.

I kept trying to call Robin but he didn't answer, his knowledge of technology extremely limited, he was even frightened of the microwave.

I groaned and slammed my cell phone down on the counter. "Gina, did I do something wrong?! I'm sorry Gina!" He cried, dropping his head on the counter and crying, I sighed and walked over to him, lifting him into my arms.

"No sweetie, I'm just worried, I think your papa is worried sick about you! This could have happened to anyone." I said kissing his cheek, he shuddered and leaned on my shoulder, his damp hair chilling my shirt.

"Sweetie did you have breakfast?" I asked, he shook his head and curled on the couch. I snapped and made pancakes appear on the counter, I was still feeling ill and I didn't want to contaminate his food.

"Snow! I need you to come over right now!" I whispered into the phone, I heard the panic in her voice and the door behind her slam. "Is it the baby! I'm coming Regina!" She said, I heard Neal wail in the background.

"No my baby is fine! Roland is here though and I can't get ahold of Robin!" Snow took a deep breath and sighed.

"Regina you can't call outside of Storybrooke, this place is hidden with a cloaking spell, so we are just stories in the outside world, there is no way for Robin or you to contact one another." She said sadly, I felt myself tear up again and then look at Roland who was eating his pancakes, he didn't have a daddy anymore, and I couldn't help him.


I sighed as I sat in the bloody loft with Robin, he was frantic for his son's life, he had gone missing after we got here and he couldn't focus on anything. He called Regina repeatedly but she never answered, the was a wall between the town and New York, he couldn't call her, every time I tried to tell him I could feel Rumple curve my tongue.

I suddenly felt a tug on the hollow part in my chest and I stood up to face Robin, suddenly the words started flowing again and I had no control over them.

"Robin, I want you to know that I am sorry, you proposed to Regina and I was going to back off, this is all my fault." I said, this time I truly did mean it, she was happy and I wanted my second chance.

He just gave me a sympathetic smile and moved closer. "I shouldn't have said those things to you Marian, I know you just wanted Roland back, and I should have respected that. I'm just worried that he's in danger." He said crossing his arms, I then felt my chest get a tug and I was suddenly kissing him. He pulled away and gave me a strange look, then my tongue started to move and I was speaking.

"For old time's sake?" Rumple made me say, I nearly choked on the words but they came out clear as crystal.

Much to my surprise he nodded and pulled me down with him, the betrayal now burning in the hollow part of my chest.

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