Jason's P.O.V

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Percy avoided us the rest of the day and I dont blame him. Any way after school we met at Annabeth house because she hooked up a camera on his backpack Leo made. "Ready?" "yep" "Alright here we go". She types some more stuff to help bring it up on the flat screen. Finally she takes a deep breath and presses play. It starts off as him walking home. When you enter his house you can see how nice it is its like a mansion. There was a red carpet when you walked in and big marble pillars. But that all we got to see then he ran up the grand stair case into a beatifel blue room. It had a king size water bed and all sorts of electronics. He sat on his bed sighed pulled out his ipod and some skull candys and started singing. I knew that song its called "Welcome To My Life."
Its super depressing but he sang it so well,as if it was hiss life i feel bad for the guy.

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