Part 1

Thunder, lightning and rain. It was the 25th of January on a cold winter's night. Tyler and Marcus were sitting on the couch quietly watching some movie Tyler rented. Marcus was eating some chocolate and   wasn't that interested in the film so he grabbed his laptop and went on tumblr like he always did. The secret that Tyler didn't know about Marcus is that Marcus only uses tumblr to look at and read fanfictions about him and Tyler, but that night the secret was revealed as Tyler stretched his body to reach a can of soda from the coffee table and saw what Marcus was reading. The title said, Myler Stories.

"Marcus?" said Tyler.


"What are you reading?"

"Oh just some businees-related stuff, it's not important."

"Can I see?"

"NO!" shoute Marcus shutting his laptop shut.

Tyler grinned and laid back on the sofa. Marcus was breathing heavily as he felt Tyler's hand tickling his thigh.


"Shh." Tyler crossed his finger over Marcus's lips, leaning in to kiss him. BAM! The next morning they found themselves on the same couch. Tyler resting on Marcus's chest with his glasses on the floor. As they both woke up, they sighed in relief, for they both did what they were scared to do for a long time. A knock was heard. As Tyler rose up to answer the door, Alfie stood there with Zoella.

"Hey mate. I just wanted to ask you if Marcus and you would like to come with us. We're going to the mall." Alfie said.

"Umm... yeah I'll just ask him real quick." Tyler said, rushing over to Marcus asking him. He agreed and dressed up real quick and left with Alfie and Zoe.

Part 2

As they arrived at the mall, they saw what they never expected to saw... a kissing booth! Yeah it was tempting for Tyler and Marcus, but they both seemed embarrased and scared to do so. Alfie and Zoe went ahead though, tempting Tyler and Marcus even more. They looked at each other's eyes, both glowing with desire, but they both dropped it. Alfie and Zoe told Tyler and Marcus that they were going to get coffee from the above floor and Tyler and Marcus went to the bathroom (in their minds, they were both wanting to go to the bathroom to talk in private). Tyler shut the main bathroom door, after making sure nobody was there; he didn't care if anyone needed to use the bathroom, Marcus and him needed to clear everything up about what happened the night before.

"Look Marucs, about last night -" Tyler said.

"Say no more." Marcus interrupted him, rushing over and putting his soft hands on Tyler's cheeks.

"Tyler... this... this isn't coming just from me. You feel this is right for us too. I've liked you for a long time now, actually it's more than just liking you... I... I love you Tyler."

A tear smeared along Tyler's face as he heard the sweet words coming out of Marcus's mouth. Marucus's soft lips were reaching closer and closer to Tyler's as the drama increased. Time passed by so quickly as their lips were hugging. They didn't want this moment to end. A knock was heard. It was a man that wanted to use the bathroom. Their lips reached away from each other. Silence. Knock. Marcus unlocked the door and apologized. They both walked out grinning secretly as they were walking by.

"Hey where were you guys?" Alfie asked them.

"Oh, we just went to the bathroom." Tyler responded.

Marcus's head was bent down, looking at the floor.

"Hey. You okay?" Zoe asked Marcus.

Marcus shook his head and Tyler broke the moment of silence by asking;

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