What A Tricky Place This Labyrinth Is...

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 Roselea didn't feel wet as she thought she was going to be. She felt like she was flying, actually.

She wondered, then she looked up and saw her father holding on to her.She looked below her and there was the really stinky bog. Both Roselea and Jareth jumped to safety, Jareth hugged Roselea.

"You could have been stinky for the rest of your life, my dear. This is the Bog Of Eternal Stench, and if you even get the slightest goop on you from the bog you will stink for eternity." Jareth told Roselea as they walked away from the bog.

"The Labyrinth is a very tricky place, and I see you are taking a liking to it." Jareth said as he walked along beside his daughter.

"Yes, Father, I do love the Labyrinth. I just wish I had a way to make it the way I want, like a place in the Labyrinth." Roselea elaborated, thinking about if she had her own place in the Labyrinth. Just where she can go and relax,where it would never change unlike the Labyrinth.

Then all of a sudden poof! Roselea transformed into a white barn owl, she wasn't able to that before.

"Oh my! You did it Roselea! You transformed,and you look lovely." Jareth said proudly to Roselea.

"Alright,now try and fly!" Rosalea took off, unstable, and started flying.She looked down and saw her father, walking right behind her.

As she went faster, Jareth sped up trying to catch up to Roselea. Suddenly Jareth was gone and she was caught, unable to break free of her cage.

Jareth was unconscious, he was underground.

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