Chapter 6: Awkkkkk.

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*My P.O.V*

I woke up with Justin's arms around me. I turned around to face him.. he looked sooo cute sleeping.. i kissed his lips and took his arms off from around my waist. and i got up and went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. YUCK! i look like a hobo on a new york city street... i need a shower FAST! I stripped down and got in the shower.. ohh how i lovee my shaving cream.. it smells like peachs! I finished my shower and turned off the water. and with all my luck... there was NO towel..

"God damnit!!" I cracked open the door and i didn't see Justin...I opened the door and quietly slid out... i opened the door to our hotel room hallway.. i quickly ran down the hall and went to turn the coner and BAM...i fell onto somebody.. butt naked..shit...

"MIA! WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU NAKED?!" Justin yelled. His eyes were locked on mine.

"Well i took a shower and there was no towel in the bathroom so I ran out here to get one.." I looked away, "and you happend to be here at the same time..."

"Ohhh.. um you know your still on top of me right?" I blushed.. still reaallllyyy embarrased..

"Ohhh...uhhh...yeaah.. close your eyes.." I told him, he listened.. i opened the closet door and grabbed a towel.. wrapped myself in it and bolted to our bedroom...I got dressed and started to do my hair. Then the bedroom door opened and Justin came in

"Were leaving in 30 minutes" He grabbed his luggage and dragged it out into the hallway, then came back in.. I walked out from the bathroom and packed up all my luggage and put it next to his in the hallway. then i went to go sit on the couch, but Justin grabbed onto my arm.

"Baby... why won't you talk to me??" he said to me giving me that look.. you know that one when his eyes sparkle.. and he has that adorbale puppy dog face on..

"I just.. still feel really awkward from before.." I looked down at my feet.

"Don't worry....i didn't see anything.. so don't feel awkward." he pulled up my chin to look at his face.. and he kissed me. "Come on lets bring our luggage to the cab.. my mom and your mom are meeting us down there in 5"




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