The summer at granpa's place was great. I had an awesome time with him. But now summer is almost over and Im unpacking my cloths from the summer trip from gramp's place and putting it in my closet. I cant wait to be done so I can go and greet Alex. Last time I saw him I confessed my love for him. I blushed deep at the memory.

! Flash Back !

I looked over at Alex. We were going to be in high school next school year. We wont be kids anymore. 

Alex gave me a warm smile that made his eyes shine like stars. Me and Alex have been best friends since I bumped into during my first year of middle school. And I had the biggest crush on him. He was sweet and kind. He wore glasses and his hair was a messy nest. But thats why I loved him. He didnt care was people thought of him. He was a workaholic when it came to school but he had his sweet moments. 

Alex was taller than me by a head. He has dark messy brown hair and behind those large glasses of his where stunning sky blue eyes. He wasent buff but he wasent scrawny either. And every time I saw him he had a book in hand and I found that absolutely cute. He was 2 years older than me. He may seem like the smart one but im the one who skipped 2 gradesXD. But still. He was amazing. 

"Hey Sam arent you going to be late for you plain. You mom is calling you" He said looking over my shoulder. I turned around to see my mom wavy for me to get in the car. I sighed. My mom just totally ruined my moment of introduction. But who cairs? Its just my love life im dealing with right now-_-

"" I smiled sheepishly. 

"So dont forget about me okay and if you can. Get me a good book. You know what I like" He winked causing me to turn into a red apple. OMG look what he dose to me!

"I-um...I wanted to tell you something" I said looking down at my feet. OMG what if he turns me down! Then what will happen to us?

"Ya spill his Sammy! Your mom is like sufficating over there waiting for you" He said chuckling a bit looking at my mom.

"I kinda of like you" I said rubbing the back of my neck and blushing. He looked a little taken back but smiled at me softly. I could feel my heart beating like a drum.

"G-good. I like you too" he said a faint blush on his cheeks but he was able to give me a smirk.Before I could gain control of my body. I crashed my lips on his. I was kinda of expecting him to push me off. But he wrapped him arms around my waist and kissed me back. I could feel my face turn red. I could have done this all day. But we were torn apart from each other. I looked up to see my mom smiling while she held us apart.

"You two can kiss all you want WHEN Samantha gets back. Right now if she dosent get in this car. I will cut all her hair off and drag her by her feet" My mom said still smiling. I gulped

"Okay Okay. Go into the car and ill be there for sure. Let me just talk with Alex" I said. My mom nodded and walked back over to the car. Right when she left Alex kissed me again this time he rested his forehead on mine and smiled.

"Wait for me" I whispered like it was a secret.

"Alway" He said sweetly his warm breath hitting my skin, sending chills down my back.

! End OF Flash Back!

I hummed as I skipped down the side walk in the park. Alex didnt live that far he lived right beyond this park. I smiled at myself.

I bet he missed me. He probably did nothing but read all summer long. I kept humming and skipping. 

But I came to a halt when I heard an angelic laugh. I knew who it was. Alex. I followed his laugh over a hill. I looked down to see him and a bunch of others. It was Alex, But he was different. His hear was'nt in its cute messy nest. It was a bed head kind of look. He traded his glasses in for black shades and he was wearing a leather jacket and black skinny jeans. His lean body was know built and well toned. Did he work out? What the hell?

"Alex?" I said in a whisper. I didnt think they would hear it. But all heads turned on me. My head fell a little. I did not like the attention.

"Alex do you know this ugly person?" A girl with blond bouncy hair said standing up from the grass. I saw her around school sometimes. I think her name was Becky. She was blond, blue eyes and slutty as fuck. 

"Um...Ya Ya she was in my class last year" He said smirking. I couldent see his eyes because his shades where blocking.

"what are you talking about? Im your best friend?" I said. I could feel the tears forming in the back of my eyes

"I dont know what your talking about" he chucked

"What the hell do you mean! You said you liked me!" I was now yelling.

"Why would I like you? When I have her?" He said pointing to Becky who was clinging to his arm and giggling, 

"Fuck you Alex Wolf!" I said turning around and giving him the bird. Tears streamed down my eyes as I walked home. That fucking jerk! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him because I still love him....