Take it Slow

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I was over my friend Chris' house I've known him for about a year and have really started liking him and I wanna be with him but I wanna take things slow and not rush like my last relationship.

"So, what you wanna talk about?" he asked coming from his kitchen flopping on the couch next to me.

"Remeber I told you that in my last relationship didn't work because it was like 2 of the wrong puzzle pieces. And you told me that I have to find my matching piece." I fiddled with my fingers.

"Yeah," he slightly nodded.

"Well, I wanna match our pieces maybe its when we had sex last week or maybe its just you but I wanna try us." I said.

A wide smiled spread across his face before his lips crashed into mine.

"I was thinking the same thing" he mumbled against my lips.

He continued kissing me squeezing my thighs and my ass making me moan into the kiss giving him access which he immediately took advantage of by stuffing his tounge into my mouth.

He stuffed his face into my neck and continued to kiss down to the top of my breast that showed through the white v-neck

I was so lost into his kisses that I forgot that I wanted to take it slow

"Wait Chris," I said.

"Hmmm" he stuck his tounge between my cleavage staring up at me

"I wanna take things slow though." he brung his head up and his eyes met with mine.

"So uh, Netflix and Chill?" he smirked.

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