Thursday morning came as slow as it possibly could for Zayn. He was checking the time on his phone, only to find it had only gone up by one minute. "Come on...", he grumbled.

Watching him from the corner of his eye, Louis smiled. Zayn was getting grumpy. His excitement always got the best of him. They were back in Nando's parking lot waiting for the guys to get there. He had sent the text out that contained the time and place to meet well past midnight last night. Louis had been a bit..preoccupied...a few hours before.

A groan came from beside him and Zayn was picking irritably at his jeans. They were tight, like always, but Louis never got over the way his husband looked. The first time he had seen that body dancing onstage in black jeans like that, it had made his throat go dry. Now, almost four years later, Zayn still captured every ounce of his attention. "Baby..", Louis smiled.

Chocolate colored eyes turned to him. "What....", he mumbled out.

Louis grabbed one of Zayn's hand and curled his own around it. After about a year of teasing for his tiny hands, Louis had hit some sort of growth spurt at twenty. He had gotten taller than Niall, but still didn't wuite reach Zayn. There hands were finally almost the same size. "Relax. They're on there way." He knew because his phone had just lit up with a message from Harry.

"They're taking so long..", Zayn huffed and slouched down in his seat. It wasn't his fault he was grumpy. Louis had kept him busy until two o'clock that morning. Now his hips hurt and there was a bruise on his side that he didn't know where the hell it came from.

"Zaynie, hush. They'll-... Well!", Louis grinned," Here they are! Now quit pouting and show me that smile!"

Sure enough, a silver car was pulling into the parking lot. It stopped beside them with a pale face pushed up against the glass of the window, giving Louis a huge grin. Even through two closed doors, he still heard Liam.

"Niall! If I have to tell you one more time to get your hot face off my window.."

A giggle sounded as the door was pushed open and Niall came out. It had always been a second job to him, bothering Liam. He still called the older boy 'Daddy Direction". Two long legs stretched out behind him to reveal a smiling Harry.

"Oh Liam! Leave him alone!", he was laughing," Its not his fault your windows are just so clean tehy need to be messed up a bit!"

Liam came out, leaving his door open, and frowned. Sometiems Narry just irritated him. "You wouldn't be saying that if it were your car..."

Another laugh reached Louis ears when he poked his head out of the SUV. Uncle Simon had given it to him and Zayn as a wedding present. It was perfect for them to ride around in together. "Hey guys!", he called happily as they came up. "I'm glad you guys are here."

"Why is that?", Harry asked with his hands holding Niall's waist. He had had a bit to much coffee this morning and now he was bouncing and babbling so fast, he couldn't be understood.

"Because", Louis winked and glanced back to look at Zayn. "Someone is getting there panties in a wad.."

"I am not!" Zayn's perfect black quiff poked out from the open window. The cold air seemed to stiffen the gel he had piled into it that morning. " I'm just ready to go!"

Louis unlocked the car with a smile so Liam and Narry could pile in the back. The sound of two doors closing made him roll up Zayn's window and turn the heat on. "Ready?", he called," Everyone buckled?" Damn.. I sound like LiLi...

A chorus of 'yes's' reached him and he started the back out. Zayn had curled up in the seat and was smiling to himself. His favorite song had just come on. 'Marry You', by Bruno Mar's had been the song he had sung to Louis just before he had proposed. It was special to him.

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