Chapter 9

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As we walked off to the forest, I couldn't help but feel a slightly bit relaxed...but I was still extremely depressed, which wasn't good. Whenever I came to the forest, I felt safer, happier, and most importantly alone. I like hanging out with's just...sometimes it's nice to just think.
And that's what started happening. I thought about Levi's conversation with the other guys...was this his way of asking me out or something?

I wonder what'll happen...

I thought as we walked deeper and deeper into the forest. I didn't recognize this part, but I trusted Levi. He wouldn't lead me into any type of harm, he'd lead me away from it, as a matter of fact.
After a couple more minutes of silence and walking, we stopped in front of a nice little creek, which glistened with the sunlight that was shining through the trees, which were providing lots of shade.
"We're here." Levi told me.
"I-it's...amazing..." That was all I could munster to say. I was stunned. Shocked. Excited. I slowly started to inspect the area and then, found a nice bridge going over the creek. I sat on the edge, took off my socks and shoes, and dipped my feet into the water. The sound of the water was calm and soothing, as if it was whispering to me to calm down. Unlike me, the water was nice and warm, and comforting. I started to stare off into space, which is something I normally do when I'm clam and I'm about to fall asleep normally.
"So...what do you think?" Levi asked as he sat next to me.
"It's great...I don't know what to say. It's amazing." And with that, for the first time in a long time, I looked at him and smiled. Not one of those fake A real one. I meant it. I could tell by sudden flush of pink in Levi's cheeks that he knew that this smile wasn't fake. I was happy. My smile grew bigger and I hugged him.
He hugged me back... I could've never felt safer, more happier, than anything...
"Hey, are you going to go to prom?" He asked as we released from each other's hug.
"Eh...wasn't planning on it. I've been giving other guys advice about who to go out with. I like to see them happy. I know I'll probably never get asked to prom...I'm so depressed people don't want to go out with me..." I blanked out for a second...thinking about all the bullying and depression. "But, are you going to go?"
"Yeah...but honestly...the girl I want to ask out doesn't really seem into me..."
He trailed off, lost in thought.
"Tell me about her. Maybe I can help." I told him.
"That would be great!" He smiled and he started to tell me the details of the girl.
"She is really pretty. I always talk to her...but she's depressed, like you, and I want to help her...but I don't know what to do that would show her my affection for her...but...yeah." As he told me about this girl I felt kinda jealous.
"Oh...she sounds amazing..." I replied slowly.
"Yeah. Because that girl" He said and he kissed me for a long, long, long time.
"So...what do you say? Want to go to prom with me?" He asked me.
"I'd love to!" I screamed with delight as we both hugged each other. I'd never forget this day...not ever.

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